Short Distances Mean Nothing.  

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7/7/2005 4:05 pm

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8/16/2006 1:15 pm

Short Distances Mean Nothing.

"Hey, i live 10 minutes away, wanna party?"

I'm sure many of you have used that line, or have heard it used in the AdultFriendFinder Chat Rooms, or even through AdultFriendFinder email. Its quite possibly the most ridiculous line to use in a chat room or an email. Since when does being local mean its an automatic fuck?

How dense must a person be to make the connection between living in the same city as the person you're talking to and getting laid. If it proves anything, it proves that you're nothing more than a lazy bum who is unwilling to make a minor drive to meet up with somebody.

How often do immediate hook-ups happen in the first place? I've talked to plenty of people within 15 minutes from where I live. Sure its nice to know there are people nearby, but you don't know what they think of you, or if they're even into you. Sometimes I'll see someone use that "i live n minutes away" line on a woman who isn't interested in or looking for men.

I see this most frequently with basic members. As of July 9th, i will revert to being a basic member again. I'll miss the privilege of unlimited profile views and emails, but isn't that what the chat room is for? Of course asking A/S/L is lame since the sex should be obvious, but age and location are necessary questions. There's an appropriate time to ask to meet up with the person you're interested in. Right after finding out she lives 7 minutes away, or even across the street is not the best time.

Remember. These are just a bored student's thoughts

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