the shining sheen of sweaty sex  

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12/16/2005 12:57 pm

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the shining sheen of sweaty sex

I am a very bad person, i think. This affair I'm in the midst of, it has made me so much happier, less frustrated, and less stressed. I love that I feel better, but the fact that I do feel better, and that it is due to my cheating ... definitely some guilt, there. damn catholic guilt. shows up just when you least expect it.

yesterday was different than planned, but in a very nice way. The vibrator was never purchased. Getting a bit of a late start, and very eager to see one another, we skipped sraight to the hotel part. We even took a little time taking off our clothes, this time, since we had a few hours. And we certainly filled them. And I found a new recipe to pleasure her. If anyone wants to try it at home, the ingredients are very simple: my fingers, my lips, my tongue, and a vagina (not mine), all at once. She had told me most men can't make her orgasm (is this true for most ladies? can guys make you cum the first time? second time? third?), and i hadn't to this point, but succeeded twice yesterday, using the above recipe. Don't forget to stir. maybe even knead a little.

Anyway, there was a new aspect to our meeting yesterday that wasn't there before, besides the mutual climaxes. She says I was more aggressive, which is probably true, but I think it all came about because she is getting more comfortable, less nervous, when we meet. But there was certainly a deeper, lustier attitude about our sex than there had been. Especially the second go ... I have fun doing sexy little growls in bed sometimes, but it has been a LONG time since someone MADE me growl. She was on top of me, which she is sooo good at, moving her hips in just the right ways, and i was getting rather close, and very, very excited. She had gotten slick with sweat working the top spot, and i couldn't stop sliding my hands over her back and ass and shoulders, grabbing her hips and pressing her onto me. And out of nowhere she stops, rising so i am just barely inside her anymore, and holds there, just teasing me. Totally drove me nuts. then a little bit more, working it up to very hard and fast and then stopping again. I just wanted to slam her body back down into mine, made me totally crazy.

So i could go on and on about a hundred aspects of all these things that were amazing, but its time to go. If you want more, less, a new topic, leave me a note and i'll do my best. maybe i'll try a more artsy writing style next time. I'm just afraid i don't have the writing ability to transpose the sensations well.

Cainseviltwin 36M

12/18/2005 8:29 am

playrigal - i usually am more effective getting women off with my mouth, actually. Though i think i've been with a skewed set of partners that have mostly been nuts about oral.
i imagine you would leave my eyes wide open, too, if i suddenly found myself in a puddle. I would probably also get so turned on i would have a little liquid of my own to add. Or maybe just a loud growl.

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