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1/26/2006 5:20 pm

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the random fuckers

today was FUN! I woke up in a very poor mood after a row with my wife last night. I was feeling frustrated, inadequate, and generally icky. i tudge into work, can't get shit done because of this or that, and end up chatting online with Lover, after spilling all my frustrations into an e-mail to her. Thank god she lets me do that, vent her way sometimes. I am blessed to know her. She says hey lets meet and fuck. I feel a good bit better just hearing it. Somebody likes me/wants to use me for sex!

Anyway, we met up, which is more time-consuming than it used to be, since she moved. But we did, we walked around an adult toy store, bought her a pretty purple vibrator, bought some condoms cause i stupidly hadn't checked my supply before leaving, and decided we realyl didn't have enough time to validate paying for a hotel room. So we looked for an out-of-the-way place to park, should be easy, we think, in this little middle of nowhere town. And indeed, we find a looong dirt drive to a farm, that goes through these woods. We park alongside a section of the drive that is well concealed to anything other than the drive itself, and spread a blanket on the grass. She proceeds to mercilessly tease me, not letting me move as she works my body over. she is sooo fucking sexy. and she is turning herself on, too, which i finally get to feel as she lets me touch her. I'm finger-fucking her for a little while, and she makes some absolutely beautiful moans, then I am finally allowed to penetrate, and she is riding me, and ....

we hear a car coming down the drive.

we are behind our cars, so we can't see anything, but the car slows and stops. I imagine this driver wondering why the hell two strange cars are parked in his long driveway. I hope fervently he decides to drive on, but there is a door shutting, and footsteps. we somewhat nimbly crawl around my car, and Lover gets in the passenger side. we're both wearing shirts, but no pants. i am marginally covered by a condom, as well. He comes close enough to realize there are two of us and see our pants lying in the grass. There is a tense moment of silence. I can see him clearly, finally. Somewhere between 16 and 20, this is a rocker kid, long hair and all. I am optimistic that he won't get us in trouble. And indeed, he lets us know we're on private property, and that his parents might be coming by soon, and then gets back in his truck and continues on his way.

on a scale from one to busted ...

so we pack up our shit, and get ready to leave. I insist that we leave him a note. So i write the following and affix it to a tree:

Thank You
You have a gorgeous property,
the random fuckers

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