six limbs and three heads  

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2/27/2006 2:00 pm

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six limbs and three heads

how the hell do i write to capture all of the overwhelming sensation of last night? I don't want to revert to bland statements of simple description, because it just doesn't ... work. Alright, maybe a list will spark some thoughts. some things i did last night that i've never done before:

Met someone for the first time and gotten naked with them in under two hours. And it would have been sooner if the making out part hadn't been so fun. Didn't feel in a big rush to take clothes off.

Been in a sexual situation, other than minor making out, with a man.

Touched, stroked, caressed another guy's cock.

Given a guy head.

Been in a situation with multiple partners where another was male.

Tasted starbucks liquor (i later decided this was a bad idea, and should have had tequila instead)

Been so nervous during a sexual encounter.

Concentrated on the sensation of the stubble of the person I am kissing.

Gotten Lover off with a toy.

Okay, so this could go on forever. I felt, and still feel, simultaneously enormously excited by what happened, and disappointed in myself for my peformance. The evening wasn't bad, really. It just wasn't what I'd hoped for.

hmm, well, now you have some ideas. I'll try and write more. but let me just reinforce my favorite point from last night. six limbs and three heads is SOOOOO sexy!!

peace, love, and monkey business!

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