meanwhile, in the laboratory ...  

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11/12/2005 12:03 pm

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meanwhile, in the laboratory ...

is there some general practice about whether you use people's handles or anything in this blogworld?

so i met up with the woman i mentioned earlier, and things went very well. i, indeed, went crazy for her lips and teeth, and subsequently for many more stretches of her body. Due to circumstances that have a vague connection to lunar cycles, we had certain restrictions on our activities the day we met. This did not stop us from finding ourselves in my office/lab taking each others' clothes off and making out by the flickering light of my coworker's monitor. Making out and receiving incredible head, if you were on my end of the encounter. I am very eagerly awaiting my chance to return the favor.

An issue was brought up, though, that made me recall questions i'd had before, in a long-ago relationship. What the hell sort of meaning is one supposed to take from compliments directed one's penis? As i write down the question, it seems pretty obvious, i guess. I mean, if i like a woman's lips, teeth, collarbone, stomach, or any other section of body, i'll mention it. Why would i be so surprised that someone feels the same way about my cock? Well.. its a question for another day, cause i'm outta here.

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