ha ha, ho ho, and hee hee!  

Cainseviltwin 36M
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12/10/2005 5:57 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

ha ha, ho ho, and hee hee!

by the way, if you know what the subject line is stolen from, leave a comment, cause i bet i'd like to chat with you.

what different kinds of orgasms do you have?

I don't think i realized I was capable of feeling the way i did yesterday. Yesterday in the backseat of my car, parked in a semi-secluded area on a little dirt road. We had started out going to see a movie, but that didn't work out because the movie was pretty good and it was distracting us. So we left, and drove to this little out-of-the-way spot. Then there was sort of some kissing, and grinding, and then some touching, and some sucking, and then a "do you have a condom with you?" I feel really bad about that, actually. That condom, which got disposed of into the bushes, could probably cause all kinds of trouble for some poor animal. Little racoon finds a protein shake, then chokes on latex. Another reason not to have an affair: when you're not having to be secretive, condoms don't have to be disposed of where they can choke small animals.

Anyway, I'm way off track. When i came inside her inside my car, i was deep inside, and i just stayed there, kind of quivering and pressing further and further, and i sank into an ocean of hot, salty bliss. It kept going, and i kept cumming, longer than i can ever remember doing before.

So, there's mine. somebody break this no comment streak i've got going on.

kats60 56F

12/10/2005 8:22 am

the only thing i could think of was,( their coming to take me away haha hehe, their coming to take me away),lol...kat

Cainseviltwin 36M

12/10/2005 7:46 pm

thanks for the reply, kat! i have not listened to that song in a really long time. good stuff. but not what I was stealing from. thank you for playing! enjoy the consolation prize!

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