a little more suspense for playrigal  

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1/2/2006 10:57 am

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a little more suspense for playrigal

you know what is nice? seeing a comment on my last blog saying that i'd better get my ass in gear and write another one. I just try to keep the blogs interesting, and i don't have interesting things to write every day. but on to current events:

new years eve was an unfortunate bust due to a rather sudden and really nasty cold that my wife got. came home from work fevered and dizzy and i spent the evening taking care of her. it was going away quite rapidly, though, and by the next morning she was feeling, if not great, well enough to get on with life again. So i played good husband and didn't go out to the bar, where i would have jumped into character as a Disco Strega Bandit at Tim and Terry's (a reputedly excellent bar that i've yet to see the inside of). The Disco Strega Bandits are a group of unlikely heroes who come to the aid of ... well, of anyone in situations where Strega Bandits are called for. We're the Disco variety because, well, we're just that cool. In any case, the rest of the DSB posse ran without me. Seven cool points go to anyone who drinks Strega, and a full fifteen if you can name two of the plants its made from.

So yesterday, for new years, i engaged in IM sex. I'm really worried, actually, because we didn't use protection. Actually, the IM sex had nothing to do with new years, except that it happened on january 1st. it was fun, though. I had a sassy little partner that is damn good at finding very sexy ways to describe what she's doing to me. SO while i'm still not a huge fan of cybering, at least i've been taught that it can provide good quality, dirty entertainment. Ten points for my IM partner, and ninety more if the pregnancy test is negative.

The social highlight since my last post, though, was the wonderful e-mail exchange with Camille, which is not her AdultFriendFinder handle, though now i'm curious and will see if someone has that name.. I heard some about her family, her personal situation, her desire to fuck me to the music of wild, crazy African drumming (okay, that was my idea -- but she liked it). Also, of course, what she is doing in three weeks. Yep, in just three weeks, something is going to happen.

you know the problem with this suspense approach? its not even that huge a deal. but give me a chance to tease, and i'll run with it. run until i collapse in a panting, sweaty heap on the side of a county road halfway between here and nowhere.

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