a little friendly competition  

Cainseviltwin 36M
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5/5/2006 8:01 am
a little friendly competition

okay, so yesterday i met face-to-face with this 'new connection' that i mentioned the other day. we had a nice lunch and chat and was a nice first meeting. Online, later, we were working out the possibilities for a more intimate get-together. As we were talking, she was exploring this blog, i guess. She learns that i am an oral fanatic. She adds that she has recieved some compliments on her ability to give oral. She goes on to directly throw down a gauntlet, entering herself in a competition with my recollection of Lover's oral skills. First prize will be very limited and discrete recognition, limited to myself and whoever reads this blog when i post the result, and assumedly also some undetermined volume of cockmilk.

I determined to go back and read the entries i've written about getting oral from Lover, so I can refresh my memory, you know, to enhance the fairness of the competition.

I am, as i so often am by random comments, amused.

And, citizens beware, Eyepatch girl seems to be considering making another appearance.

To clear up any possible misconception, The new person above is not Eyepatch girl. Eyepatch girl's secret identity must remain confidential.

Any suggestions for new person's name??

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