You're doing WHAT in three weeks!?  

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12/30/2005 8:05 pm

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You're doing WHAT in three weeks!?

oh what a naughty afternoon. Not naughty filthy or naughty breaking any laws, but the uh-oh, what's that noise, are we going to get caught sort of naughty. I have found i enjoy the secrecy part of an affair very much, and especially pushing at the secrecy, so that every new thing i 'get away with' that is closer to discovery, is a bit exciting.

with that in mind, it was tingly when she agreed to come over to my house while wife was at work, and kids were asleep. I even had a little what-should-i-wear moment (which ended in the selection of my new jeans, purchased with money from returned, unwanted christmas clothes). She had new shoes on, and hair that was down instead of in a ponytail, which looked very nice. but her lips, they were the black hole my eyes were being pulled by. She totally likes my dogs, and (have i blogged about this before?) though they haven't met her, they have smelled her on me, and they seemed to recognize her quickly. Liking dogs got her extra bonus points.

The shape of her back, felt through her very soft shirt as she was pressed against me and kissing deeply, was like coming back to a favorite hidaway. I knew she couldn't stay long, and the kids could wake up from naps whenever they were ready, so i hadn't really planned on much more than a little making out, but once we had found the couch, she was taking my pants off. I have a hard time stopping gorgeous women from taking my pants off. Call it a character weakness, i guess. Those lips became once again the warm wet portal through which my cock disappears. It becomes a brilliant thing of shining light and pleasure inside her mouth, where the two of us fuzz at the edges and overlap in a parallel dimension. The dimension of 'oh my fucking god that feels good!'.

I tried to be really smooth about unbuttoning her pants while she was tenderizing my pork steeple (like that? not original, sorry, based on bloodhound gang lyrics). This is a frustrating issue, actually. Pants, bras, corsets, whatever. Why does taking these things off someone always seem to be fraught with perilous awkwardness, but only when you're trying to be smooth and sexy? I think there is a mid-level devil in oh, lets say the 4th circle of hell, whose job it is to make sure fingers slip just when you want them not to.

i am distracting even myself here. point is, i had a very fun afternoon kissing, touching, and being generally played with. Child woke up at a rather inopportune moment, but what can i say? i was asking for it.

as for the title of this post, i'll have to get back to it later.

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