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11/29/2005 5:34 am

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Yesterday, I woke up in the middle of a particularly vivid dream. As is the case with most of my dreams, I can't hold onto the memory for long, so parts of what i remember are spotty already, but it went something like this:

I was at a party/club of some kind in a sort of warehouse type setting, that had been all punked up with decorations. Some of the people there were from my recent life, but it was mostly people I knew way back in high school. The two that became important were an old girlfriend and a mutual friend of ours, a guy who i was pretty close to, and at one point also had a major crush on the girl. The three of us were drinking and dancing and then tried to disappear and find someplace to catch up. We found an area upstairs from the party that was still all warehouse-like. Then they both begin to seduce me, but not so much for a threesome as both of them aiming me at her, trying to get me to have sex with her, and maybe he would join in, or maybe he'd just watch. I was worried because these are people who know i'm married and could easily talk to my wife, but I was also very, very interested, as she is beautiful, all over me, and i'm getting very aroused. She is playing out a perfect little seduction, has me watch her as she sort of dances around in a little striptease that involves taking clothes off both of us. He is just watching, but that makes it even sexier to me, and we fall in a heap of grasping, groping skin and limbs onto a bed-like crate covered in a blanket of sorts. Just before we get any further, I notice that he has a video camera out as is recording us. This makes me very nervous all over again, and I ask him what's up ... Then the two, while still trying to seduce me, are explaining how they are trying to get video of me cheating to use as blackmail, and she volunteered because she was pretty sure she could make me do it.

I woke up about then. Wierd shit. Why would I dream something like that? out of guilt, perhaps, but the context was so strange, completely a sex dream at first, and really arousingly so -- i was still horny in the morning -- but then this strange twist. Oh well. so much for analysis.

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