Cheating 101  

Cainseviltwin 36M
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11/8/2005 4:43 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Cheating 101

Well, i'm the guy who thinks about everything, sometimes seriously and sometimes comically, but it would be horrendously out of character if i didn't jot down my experiences and ideas about this AdultFriendFinder account, and lo, they even provided a blog for me!

Just about the first thing i did on the site was get hopelessly frustrated that i couldn't view anything or message anyone. Being a guy, and a married guy at that, no one was going to hit me up, so i had to switch to a paid account. Then I learned about this ploy of fake accounts. Then I got frustrated, and mass e-mailed some 50 copies of almost exactly the same text out. That was just dumb, a move made almost completely by my penis. My penis types very well.

Then I found an absolutely sock-knockingly beautiful woman, and i wrote her just to say oh my god you are hot. The funny thing is, it was probably exactly the kind of e-mail women delete immediately, but i really meant it as a compliment, not as some sort of neanderthal invitation.

Then, being immersed in sexuality from the site, after living with so very little for so very long, i realized i wanted to experiment, and i started looking at couples' profiles, and changed my settings around to bi-curious. speaking of changing my stuff, i need a new tagline again. This very quickly found me an older guy that wouldn't mind playing with me. Frankly, though, i'd like to ease into the male thing with a threesome first, a M/F/M thing with a bi guy to get used to the idea. Plus, i couldn't very well have my first major gay experience be with someone that i didn't feel attracted to.

Now, there is something else brewing with a woman, but i won't say anything till i find out what happens for myself. What is really cool is that we have been actually holding intelligent conversation. That is a turn-on. Why is it a turn-on, when i am looking for an affair? I guess I'm not good at letting my penis take charge without my brain being involved. My penis is so whipped by my brain!

That has been far too much and too boring. Maybe ill have something better next time. like actually talking about cheating. why the hell am i here?

Yummy_Goeyness 31F

11/11/2005 6:51 pm

Your penis probaly does alot of things very well.

So........about this girl. I bet she's hot and has great teeth. But you've got to watch out for the ones with great teeth. They're wild.

But back to the BIG issue here: Your Penis. I bet she's crazy about it. And...........I guess......... you're brain is kind of sexy too.

OK it's REALLy sexy.

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