A sprinkling of fairie dust ...  

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5/6/2006 9:37 am

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A sprinkling of fairie dust ...

so .. yesterday i was visited, not by an Iowan succubus, but by a little webcam fairy, who waved a little wand and poof! i had drivers, software, and a little camera with built-in microphone.

i have this inkling that its going to manage to get me in trouble, somehow. I always get into trouble when fairies are involved. And i don't mean any ill will towards homosexuals with that comment, just diminutive winged magical sprites. And not necessarily ill-will, either. More just frustration. The tooth fairy and i never got along, either. This was in the 80s when trickle-down economics played havoc on the fairy-gold exchange rate, and i always seemed to lose teeth on days when the market was down. And then there were the teeth that were irretrievably lost... most notably in a ball pit at some chuckee-cheese or equivalent franchise. I dug through a lot of balls that day. And after handling all those balls, i still never found what i was looking for.

so one of these days, maybe i'll see if i can broadcast the cam on AdultFriendFinder. or maybe i'll just stick to private chat with it. So far it has had one test-run. I run much faster than that little camera. In fact, it wasn't moving at all. So i slotted it to play right field.

This is goign nowhere. peace, love, monkey business!

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