Cageman3000 36M
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7/30/2006 11:29 pm

I live alone in my room. I don't talk to anyone,not even a work. I work in a basement. I know what to do. I spend as much time as I can alone in my room. The more time I spend alone,the more I want to. It's like a disease. I am drawn to myself,yet at the same time I am sickened and repulsed. I never speak. I hate the sound of my voice. I don't have a phone. I don't want to hear anyone say my name. I'm trying to forget mine. If I don't think about myself enough,maybee I will forget what I am. When I eat food,I try not to taste it. I don't wan't to know what keeps me alive. I expell as much information as I can from my head in hopes I will forget it forever. My bodily functions disgust me. I hate it when I see hair growing on my face. The less I am the better. I am a blackout drinker. In the darkness I forget myself in hopes someday I will not remember my life. I have totaly blanked out all memories of my mother and father. In my mind I have turned them into an impossibility. I know that I am from nothing-no one. The less I am the better. I wan't to be nothing.

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