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When the depression hit him, it felt like a stone had been dropped on his soul. He couldn't tell anyone about it. He tried to tell a girl about it once when they were riding on a bus. She nodded her head and said that she sometimes got depressed but she had litte time for that kind of thing. She said that you only get depressed if you have nothing better to do. It was obvious that she didn't know where he was comming from. It was so bad sometimes that he wasn't capable of doing anything. He would shut down. One day he sat in his chair and stared at the ground for seven hours without getting up. He started to make jokes to himself about the depression. He gave it a name. Might as well, it was over at the house often enough. As he got older, the depression would come more frequently, hit harder and stay longer. He became more withdrawn. It got to the point where he could barely speak. He knew he was totaly alone in the world. Sometimes he would wake up in the middle of the night and want to die. He would stare at the blackness of the room and want to end it all right then. Life hurt so much at times it was unbearable. He knew he wasnt going to make it to old age.

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7/22/2006 7:31 pm

I've been there.

But may I ask why he didn't end the unbearable pain? What kept him from doing it? I am not saying he should, just curious about what kept him here.

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