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He would go to those dances. He could never get the nerve to ask a girl to dance. Like he would really know what to do when he got her out on the floor. He had tried dancing alone in his room and had gotten so embarassed that he just had to stop. He watched them though. If he could get points for being attentive, he would have cleaned up. Woman were so mysterious and full of shit. He wouldn't have a clue to say to one if he ever got the chance. The dances went by and he went to almost all of them. He would find the darkest part of the gym and watch them with his back to the wall. He saw a girl doing the same thing he was. He checked her out,she was pretty enough. A few times she cought him looking. She was looking at him too after all. He looked at her again and she waved to him. His entire body shuddered. He knew what he should do and at the same time he knew he didn't have the balls to go over and say hello. He was so shy that he could barely answer to roll call in class. He looked down at the floor trying to appear unconcearned and even bored. When he looked up again, she was right there in front of him. His heart started pounding. He tought he might choke. She introduced herself. He managed to get his name out as well. They both agreed that theese things were stupid and tht they both were there to see how there stupid friends could be and how stupid it was to dance,etc. They decided to try it as a joke. You know, like"Here, eat this piece of lard, but only as a joke though." They went for it in the dark corner of they gym. It was a slow song, something by Three Dog Night. The singer shouted over the music. "Look at this!We have all the boys against one wall and the girls against the other. Why can't you all be like THOSE TWO OVER IN THE CORNER?!! He felt his dinner rising up. They broke apart. She ran off. He never saw her again.

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That is so very sad

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