So no replies yet.. Thats ok  

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10/13/2005 6:18 am

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So no replies yet.. Thats ok

Looking for people to add and contribute to this blog. Upload a photo or just say hi.

200 years ago people expressed themselves in the written word regularly. It was a privilege to know how to read and write. If you didn't you were dependent on other people, but not everyone was literate.

100 years ago, most everyone born in this country could read, and they expressed it. They listened to conversations and contributed back with pertinent information... They didn't just wait for their turn to speak.

Today. The information age is upon us. You would think by the name this would mean enlightenment and higher educational standards. You would think this would mean people are more apt to share information, more apt to take and learn. But thats not the case. In fact, illiteracy is again on the rise, and people are so dependent on the few to entertain, inform, educate the many that most of us have forgotten how to exercise the muscle between our ears. This is not the information age, its the Entertainment age. All this technology and powerfull computers, and know one is willing to push the envelope. It's not an age of enlightenment, but an age of distraction.

Take a minute to use the technology for what it was designed for, the free flow of information. Reply to this and share what you think.

swm4fun1 40M

12/1/2005 9:11 am

1st Reply!

You can't have an empty blog with just your posts...especially since you put a little time in them & made requests. Sorry I can't put up a fantasy at the moment but just wanted to add a comment just wasn't so lonely in here.

I'll be switching out profiles & when the new is up, I'll repost! =-D

Hope to see others posting here as well!!

Okay...tell you what, I don't want to leave you just with this, so...
"Excuse me..." says your wife as I walk by the lingerie department.
"Hi, what can I do for you", I reply.
"Do you mind giving your opinion for me on some of these bra & panty sets...if you don't mind", she says with a big smile.
"I don't mind but I hope to get to see them in person" I jokingly say back.
"I look forward to doing so" with a lick of her lips.
Feeling aroused & surprised, she took me by the arm & leads me to a section of silk sets. She pulls each out, placing them against her body while asking me "what do you think of this one" or "is this sexy or erotic enough". I give my honest opinion & she places a few in her basket. Suddenly she drops one & asks me if I would get it for her. Upon crouching I hear her whisper "what do you think?" & look up to see her lifting her skirt showcasing her bare pussy to me. She glances around & then steps forward places a hand on the back of my head & pulls me forward. Not resisting, I take a deep breath smelling her & then extend my tongue to take a take. A few licks & then she pulls back dropping her skirt.
"Sorry, I saw someone coming our direction", she says quietly.
Still dazed but delighted, I look up, smile & tell her that it's okay.
"After I showcase them at my home for you, when can continue with some more fun...", she trails off.
Having picked out 4 sets, she hands me her phone number & tells me to meet her outside. When she arrives, I'm given instructions to her place & told to follow her car home.
"I think my husband will like you, you don't mind playing with a you?", hesitantly she asks.
"No, not at all...", grinning back.
Getting into our cars we head back to her place... be continued...or...

rm_ClairS 58T
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8/29/2006 6:50 pm

Hi hon
Tryin to use the technology. I would luv to meet up with you and I will be in the Area for a few weeks...let me know...hell send smoke signals...I would really luv to have some fun while I am up here

CWSwingers 40M/44F
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10/31/2006 5:37 pm

OMG, that was outstanding.. I'm sorry I didn't get back to this sooner, but we didn't get any response for so long. very nice.. Waiting for the continuation.. Will be watching tentatively for your response. I hope you are still around.

rm_hoggdogg 45M
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5/21/2013 1:34 pm

Hey how are y'all? Give me a shout sometime

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