CUMforter2 45M
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6/29/2006 6:54 pm

The very first time I used a service to find single females in the area, I knew as I put my credit card info in that I was getting scammed. The sad part?? I did it agian!!
Don't u just love getting e-mails from so called "MATCHES" that sound like it was writted for someone else (or in this case, alot of someone's). Same old story, only the names been Changed.
I got an e-mail today that just ticked me off, some girl (cyber bot) said that "we have talked before, and she just came across my e-mail address and "remembered that we had something in common". So she writes me and invited me to come to her site to see her pics and then SCAM somemore money out of me to see her on video! (links to another pay site"

So impersonal, so robotic are the e-mails that i think the only match making that these sites do is match YOUR credit card up to there deposit slips!
I have sent many an e-mail to all kindsa singles an haven't gotten any real replys. Even if I was so ugly that a dog wouldn't play with me, after a month, THERE should be a little more than two word e-mails and robotic recorded e-mails.

Well, I guess that is what there here for, to lead us around in circles until we have had enought! Think about it a second, IF THEY REALLY DONE WHAT THERE TELLING US THERE DOING, How would they make any money! They don't want to set u up with real people, cause if they did, U wouldn't Be here for the second month, Or the third, or the fouth! lol


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