So here it goes.. Not to long ago I thought WOW! This might be something I want to look into.  

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6/1/2006 8:23 pm

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So here it goes.. Not to long ago I thought WOW! This might be something I want to look into.

I have done many online dating sites.. Sorry to say, but a good three years off an on. Just stumbling across contacts. Seems I always find the ones who don’t have enough time, or the sorry I'm busy this week, "I have to wake up on time and go to work." attitude or the message, "Sorry I couldn’t message you back, I had my life to manage and reality is being very hard." Also the really sweet girls which can judge anybody from a first message? Honestly.. if making time to chat with someone is hard for you, than maybe you shouldn't be looking for someone electronically? Someone who can judge me so greatly from my message? More power to yeah!

Anyway I hadn't given up on these paid for sites.. Lets see eharmony, Christian dating, true, match, Portland singles, and some others. It was just time I moved on to something else, something that fit me better. Which had made actually give up all together. pretty smart yes?

I have had some good times with some of these sites, but the majority of it lead me to being completely depressed and pissed. I wasn’t rushing into anything personal other than a screen name. I guess I wanted some sort of communication and a level of respect like that Sleepless in Seattle movie with.. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Didn't it piss you off they walked by each other had no clue! Well today we have a couple small pictures and maybe nudy pics!! me like. Well I like that the matches seem to be pretty general, not like some places..

So at one point in the past I was just being matched to women who had horses, which was strange. I think horses are intimidating, and gawd I wouldn’t want to stand around one long enough to for it to get to know me and ask me for stuff, but I don’t hate them regardless.
I can ride them, touch them, feed them maybe. so Its not that I hated that I all my contacts to women had or rides horses.. I just figured I was missing something else.

So which got me to thinking about something to write in the first place. describe my history a bit, which usually just got me depressed and pissed for lack of attention and effort received I was surely trying to be noticed by someone a little better than Hi, Bye, Sorry, Sorry, relationship I was always getting into.

About this site. Really truly bugz me. Have you ever purchased the Standard Contacts Subscription? Don't do it. Mostly some of the members are regulars who jump/swap/change profiles with-in AdultFriendFinder. But actually on other sites using those benefits, they just keep referring people to sign up for the free age confirmation ID's thing and the free 3 day or 1 day subscription to some bull crap porn. What the hell is wrong with these people? (yea Its all easy to do - but its fucking so gawd damn time consuming@!! and never gets you anywhere anyway! I went on an 8 day maze with someone each day and it finally lead to an closed road.. She had to reuse some of the original emails previously given, after referring to these a few times.. but mostly I think she ran out of free age confirmation ID's for me to get. The first message usually asks you to go to hotmail or yahoo. Then they wait about 3 days! seriously.. and tell you to look at their profile somewhere else on another site.. and it's a different person almost always! SO I say this because some of these other sites actually advertise free membership. and don’t get drawn over there. save yourself. They had the means of contacting you here so don’t bother trying to go anywhere else. Also Some of the standards haven’t been logged in since 2004. Anyway..

Then they later tell you to go to their profile with a different ID badge (its never the same) and show you naked pics of someone else.. I really think I need to stop jumping around for these fucking bitch cunt whores! Get me in trouble looking at a 17 year old or something even worse!

P.S. What’s with USA NW chat room looking like a East coast and UK gang bang room?

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9/8/2006 5:38 pm

hey i totaly agree. i think your a sweet guy i love talking to you . but i have the same problem with guys.

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