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7/13/2006 7:06 am

It all started out like any other normal evening would have. Come home, check messages send a few, and then sit in on computer with Messenger v2.5 connected to AdultFriendFinder for a few hours than go to bed. Possibly waiting for my small friends network to come online so I can have some fun. (Which hardly ever happens) But this night was very different. Consists of a small and brief conversation with a couples contact, a golf game, map quest, a 30 minute truck ride, police, getting lost, a cell phone, and one eventful evening that dropped my purity score by 20%.

I came home from work around 6:20 this evening not at all overly excited about my contacts or how AdultFriendFinder is working. Never the less I still put AdultFriendFinder into action with one joyous attitude. After my latest emails and short sided Yahwo or hotmale contacts have been reached, I go into a relaxing a bit. Play an online golf game I have just recently decided is my new passion.

During the game I get a message, I accept and it turns out we hit it off well enough to get on a different messenger, and break for an hour so I could finish my golf game, and she could finish up some things too I suppose as well.

She tells me, “Your profile is funny.”
I say, “I don’t know what to say about that.”
She says, “Young men turn her on.”
I say, “Really, older women turn me on.”
She says, “Your kinda funny but very freaky too”
I say, “Well what your asking, how freaky do you have to be? I don’t take my pants off often.”

Guess my verbal profile I made was a bit freaky. There were some things that she was looking for, things I wasn’t exactly a perfect match for. So I just told her. I’m soft in the middle, I have short hair, stubbly whisk on my face, and also that my ass could burn ants or set paper on fire when reflecting direct sun light.

When finding out between us that exploring a discrete encounter would be beneficial and worth our time, I was given the place of meeting. I had to leave right then, because at this time it was about 10:45 and it was getting late for the three of us. I didn’t need to take much with me but I grabbed a few things and got ready for my 30 minute venture. About 5 minutes away I get pulled over for having my tail lights out. At this time I couldn’t really answer the phone, when Diane and Randy were calling for me. I was running late now, and needed to fix my electrical problem. I didn’t know my tail lights didn’t work, really who drives around town close to midnight for sex anyway?

Right as I fix my tail lights and the police man leaves me to go about my mission, Diane and randy call again. I answer to explain my 30 minute tardiness which had them worried I bailed on them. Tell them Im on my way and that I am close. I got all turned around in this huge parking mall finally get on the right track when I take a turn to quickly and go into a major construction site. So I call and get directions while driving. I was so very close, but I had no idea where I was driving.

When I made it I was met with greatest hospitality and good close kiss. Of coarse right then I got hard because I had this women hold me close in her silky gown.

I’m pretty sure you want more details about the whole thing, but Randy and Diane are a very warm couple. And it was about 2am when we needed to hit the hay stack, so I went home thinking long needed happy thoughts before my 9am work day.

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