When you came...  

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10/31/2005 5:55 pm

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When you came...

My eyes are closed and the music is playing, I have the windows up and a cool breeze is blowing, the only light in the place is my neon radio, glowing blue and pink. I don't hear you come and the shadow of you standing across the room gives me a start. I let out a gasp and you whisper shhh. I feel the tension of fright leave my body as I filled with arousment. Suddenly I'm hornier than I have ever been in my life and I feel the cum start to woos down my lips and enter thighs. You walk toward me and as if in a dream you reach out to touch me, I griever in anticipation. My body longs for your sensual touch. The warmth of your fingers send my nipples to attention and I'm secretly begging for you to touch them. You side one hand under my gown and take a nipple in your fingers as I moan a little in delight. You move and sit on the edge of the bed now making your hands control my body to do as you want. You rip off the front of my grown as if it were paper in the way and lean down to kiss me as you whisper "who's body is this?" I answer with pleasure," it's yours do as you will", and with that you climb on top of me fully clothed and order me to undress you. As I unbutton your shirt I can't help myself and lean in to kiss your chest, but in unfairness you pull away and say, "did I tell you to do that?" Like a scolded child I look ashamed and say "No Sir," as I know that's what you want to hear. You must have felt sorry for me 'cause you leaned down and kissed me with should force that I knew I was forgiven. I then went for your pants and belt buckle, my hands trembled as I tried to unbuckle your belt you laid me back and told me to start masturbating. As I spread my legs, you had your belt off and pants unzipped; your cock was exposed and ready for my mouth. I wanted it so bad, but you wouldn't let me have it, instead you teased my pussy lips and kissed my body as if you tasted were tasting a woman for the first time. So gentle, sweet and still you keep control. I felt the heat raising between my legs and was sure I was about to catch on fire if you didn't do something soon. All at once as if you read my mind; you turned me over and positioned my body the way you wanted it and entered me from behind, oh the pleasure.... Slow at first and you made me be as still as possible, until you started moving in and open, and I mean total out, so that each and every time you entered felt like the first time. Long, deep slams, slapping your balls against my pussy every time, like a little spanking. Pinning down my arms as you increased your pumping. With a gentle kiss to the middle of my back I too increase my movements. OH God, it feels so good. you lean forward and take a hold of my swinging nipples, a wonderful sharp pinch increase my pleasure yet again.Running you tongue along the center of my back and a reach up to the top of my shoulder to guide me, looses me in joy. I never expected you to enter a vibrator at the same time.....OH GOD, When you announced that you were going to full me with you cumm, I held back, waiting.....then we exploded together. I felt your cum rush into me and mix with my juices...
We laid together you still on top of my back as we waited for the straight to come back to our well spent bodies, I whisper, "thank you baby".


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11/7/2005 6:50 am

Same story, from my viewpoint:

I come into the room quietly. The window is up, a cool breeze blowing across your hot body. The neon radio is on, giving music to cover the sound of my entrance, and dispels the darkness, giving an erotic blue and pink play of shadow and light across the bed in which you lie, eyes closed. Waiting? , no ‒ just resting. I am stimulated by the sight and the situation and approach your recumbent form.
You are startled at my approach: gasp lightly. I whisper “shhh” , my finger across my lips in a conspiratorial gesture. I can see the tension of fear leave you, replaced by the tension of anticipation. Even before I move my finger from my lips and move toward you, I can see the beginnings of arousal. My breath becomes rapid and shallow; I feel the heat of passion coursing through my body. You, my goddess, lie before me, quivering now as I step to the bed and reach out to caress you. I see your nipples begin to stiffen under your sheer gown as I stroke your abdomen and sides with feathery touch. I savor the moment of contact, like a connoisseur of fine wine decanting the liquid from a rare vintage to let it breathe. I savor your aroma, your perfume now mingling with the bouquet of your own juices now warming, your excitement building with mine.
I slide my hand under your gown, caressing your breast, teasing as I approach your nipple, then back away, each circle coming a little closer. You moan in delight, enjoying the teasing as much as the pleasing. Now I have both hands working your breasts. I see the first blush of heat coloring the valley between them. I now have both erect nipples in my two hands. I am now in control ‒ a heady experience, not to be taken lightly. I now am sitting on the side of the bed, positioning, controlling your body as you squirm to move where I wish.
Fiercely now, I rip the flimsy gown from you and lean toward your waiting lips and whisper "who's body is this?"
You answer with pleasure," it's yours do as you will",
I climb on top of you, fully clothed. “Undress me”
You unbutton my shirt. You lean in to kiss my chest, but I pull away.
I know your moods. This will be a night of passion, with you submitting tome.
"Did I tell you to do that?" Unfair, unnecessary ‒ just to put you completely under my spell
“No, Sir”
You speak like a scolded child; you look ashamed. I relent, lean down to kiss you forcefully. let you know I forgive you. Your trembling hands try to unbuckle my belt. I stop you, lay you back.
“Play with yourself. I want to see you masturbate”
You spread your legs, reach down and begin playing with your pussy lips. I stand on the floor next to you, remove my belt and unzip my pants. My cock now exposed, I start to stroke it, matching your own. I watch as you move your fingers over your clitoris, watch the little beads of moisture form on your outer lips. I take my now turgid member in both hands and move toward your waiting mouth.
I tease you with it ‒ you want it, but I don’t let you have more than just a lick or two. I pull my crotch away form your face a safe distance, and begin kissing you. As I fondle you, I move my mouth and tongue down your neck, over your breasts (pausing only to give both nipples adequate tongue-flicking) continue south down the heavenly highway to the fount of your femininity. I keep my raging passion under control the entire journey, savoring your flavor, intoxicated by your aroma, but remaining gentle. I feel and taste the heat rising from between you legs ‒ I lick your puss with growing ardor, penetrating the outer lips, then the inner with my tongue, all the while caressing your thighs.
Your heat tells me you are at your limit ‒ quickly I turn you over and position you. I then give you what you’ve wanted since I came in. Entering you from behind, (oh the pleasure!) I go slowly at first, keeping you as still as possible. I enter you fully with each stroke, withdrawing slowly and fully, so that each one feels like the first . Long, deep slams, slapping my balls against your pussy every time, like a little spanking. I pin your arms down as I increase the tempo of pumping you. I lean down, my swollen member impaling you, and gently kiss the middle of your back, licking up your spine.
You shiver, and unable to remain still, you begin to move in rhythm with me. As I increase my movements, you match them. I am no longer able to fully withdraw: I cannot stand to leave the warmth of your love tunnel…. OH God, it feels so good! I lean forward reach under you and take a hold of your swinging nipples. I caress them at first, then give them a wonderful sharp pinch to increase your pleasure. Running my tongue along the center of your back, I reach up to the top of your shoulder to guide you. I then reach for the toy I had laid on the bed ‒ fucking your pussy, and slapping your butt cheeks, I insert a well lubricated vibrator in you.
You shriek with joy ‒ your clutching pussy milking my cock for all it’s worth
“Oh GOD! I’m Cumming!!” I warn you. We explode together, my cum rushing into you, mixing with your juices, dripping onto the sheet. Exhausted, we collapse forward, with me still on your back, still inside you. We lie there in silence, waiting for the strength to return to our bodies.
“Thank You, baby” you whisper. I sigh in satisfaction, too spent to reply

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