What I like,,,  

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7/26/2005 4:25 pm

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What I like,,,

A like when a man really wants me, and shows it buy taking control of me as if I was the last woman he ever wanted to be with. As if any imperfections on/or about my body didn't matter.
I'm not saying I want lies, but I do want to feel comfortable with him. Someone recently told me "I'm not Ken and your not Barbie", which sums it up perfectly.

Then there's the connection, a lot more kissing to help build up the antipication. A teasing sort of thing. While a slow movement toward my breast. If you really want to turn me on, I can have an orgasm just by tonguing and lightly biting my nipples.

Then going down on me. I have a habits of holding my pussy lips open for him for my comfort too. He can get deeper, my lips are out of the way, and I can grind his face better. Once I start moaning or making a sound, it doesn't mean for you to move your tongue, right
the opposite, more.

I like surprises, so to know ahead of time what positions I like doesn't make any difference. Part of the fun is to try new and different things, and I'm open to so many.

I don't like a guy that doesn't find out all he
can about me from reading what is advaible to him before we met. I can't count the number of men whom look at my pic and then ask, "you like anal? or you give head?" I can understand some of not being able to read, but pic???

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7/26/2005 9:34 pm


Upon Fate's name, I swear I know thee,
and been haunted by thy cobalt eyes.
I recognize the pain I see,
and believe your heart never lies.
I search to find the reason why
we've been cursed for so long...
what mistake we made, in days gone by,
or what we did so wrong.
Girl I believe the Lord above,
had plans for you and I.
Let's spread wide, these wings of love,
for WE were meant to Fly.
Upon Fate's name, I swear I know thee,
and have been caressed by thy Touch.
Speak the word and our soul's set free,
were we meant to feel SO much?
Take hold my hand and search your heart,
for what it feels is true...
Believe in US from the start.
and our love will see us through.
We'll believe that the Lord above,
had plans for you and I.
We'll ride upon the wings of Love,
for we were MEANT to FLY!

-The Nightcrawler

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7/27/2005 3:56 pm

WOW! Thats lovely!

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