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8/8/2005 2:21 pm

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After we greeted one another with regular hug a and small kisses, we adjourned to the couch as I finished my cigarette. He nudged closer and closer. He then put his hand inside my top and begin to twick a nipple. After seeing a smile of approval from me, he then pulled down my top and begin sucking my breast. First one then the other. I began feeling moisture between my legs, so I spread them open. With instinct he reached for my wet pussy lips and insreted a probing finger. My need to squirm was growing, "let's go to the bedroom," I commanded. His thoughts must have been the same because as soon as the words where out of my mouth, he held out his arms and ushered the way.

In the bedroom the only light was a candle I had lite earlier which made it easy for him to find on slip my top off and lay me on the bed. He then began working my body as a pianist in a quartet would have done; softly as though I would break. The essence of my desire was clawing at me; I wanted him in me now! I in turned, and began to claw at his clothes to get to his skin, with no lady like characteristic behavior. At last my objective had been found. He moved closer, then he kneeled over my face as I engulfed his balls. At this better angle I was able to suck the area behind the scrotum better...and move my tongue upwards. I love to feel the skin under my tongue as the balls swell; letting my tongue travel over the folds and creases.

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*thank you overworkedloon

overworkedloon 56M
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8/9/2005 7:50 am

You're welcome beautiful lady.

HornyMan_onLI34 46M

8/9/2005 1:36 pm

Creamy, your post make me lust more and more. Your post is so arousing and sexy. Gotta get to Georgia one of these damn days! LOL. Can't wait to read more. Kisses, HM

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