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11/8/2005 5:37 am

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Tony R

As we leave the party, you deeply kiss me and whisper in my ear some of the things you'd like to do to me, as though your prepping me for your up coming actives. The moment we get into the hotel room, you lean in for a kiss and usher me on the bed, as I walk backwards; then I lay spread eagle on the bed. You tie my arms and legs down gently as you run your tongue over exposed areas of my body. Then like a demon, your attitude changed. You began to lift my dress and chew at my crotch thou my thongs, making my pussy to become hot, and throbbing as you tease me. You then stand up so close to my face that I can almost stick my tongue out and taste your cock as it pops out of your pants. You straddle my chest laying you hard throbbing cock at my breast as you lightly squeeze, pinching, twisting, pulling on my nipples. The whole time your pumping your cock in and out of my tits, I open my mouth and stretch out my tongue trying to get the precum that oozes from the tip. You know how I crave the taste over your cum, you smear it across my lips to quench my thirst. Then you step back away and go back to my crotch where you rip my thongs off, leaving me fully exposed, wanting, and aching to be touched.You slowly lower your mouth ever so lightly and lick across the head of my hard clit head, causing shivers to spread over my body. Then sliding your tongue down to my ass deliberately passing by my swollen and wet lips, as you lick and probe your tongue, I squirm. I continue to twist and push my hips toward your face aching for your tongue there as well. You finally move to my wet pussy lips tasting the juices flowing out the folds and then sliding your tongue in and to the walls of my cunt; where you stare back on my clit sucking. You hear by my moans how wonderful all this feels. Suddenly in your mouth your nibble my clit with your teeth flicking your tongue across it and insert a finger into my ass which causes me to arch and push hips harder against your face and pussy craving one as you suck and bite on my clit and a finger pumping in and out my tight ass .My juices begin trickling out and down my inner thighs.
You suddenly suck harder and jab a finger deep into my pussy. searching for and finding my "G" orgasm builds and intensifies with the and sensations of your fingers, mouth and tongue You increase, biting harder, sucking harder, pumping both fingers, faster and deeper, flicking your tongue. It built as my moans become louder and my breathing got heavier until I screamed out with the explosion of pleasure. My cum squirted hard pass your fingers and soaked the bed.......I came so hard, so much wet fluid....I scream louder with excitement as my cunt throbbed, my ass tighten, and after what seemed like hours of cummming over and over I pass out momentarily. As I awaken and come back to my senses, I once again see your face over me, stroking your hard dick, and my pussy begins to itch once more. With my hands still tied, I couldn't reach out for your dick, or my own pussy , as I struggle against my binds.You sprayed your heavy, thick, hot load over my breast, the excitement caused me to cum again. I begged you to lower your dick to my mouth and place it deep into my throat where I could lick and suck feverishly at the last remaining drops. As my last small orgasm subsided I look up at you and grin with a cum covered face.

*Thank you Tony R*


silkysmoothlegs3 105F

11/9/2005 6:09 pm

oh my thats so erm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

keep blogging sexy love reading them

love silky

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