Thinking of us....  

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10/25/2005 4:29 pm

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Thinking of us....

You came to my door with a dozen red roses in a vase, and a white silk blindfold in the other. I take the flowers and place them on the table; you came up from behind give me, and placed a gentle kiss on the neck, and place the blindfold over my eyes. Then you lead me out to the car. I'm both scared and excited. We drive neither saying a word . Finally, you stop the car and get out, open my door and the smell of wild flowers is the first thing I notice. The next thing I sense is the silence, the only sound is the babble from a near by brook. You lead me to an awaiting a picnic basket, and a spread out blanket. There you seat me and open the basket , it has fruits of all kinds and a bottle of white wine. You feed me the fruit and we drink some of the wine, you tease me with different foods from the basket. Touching my tongue, some rolling over my body, and some squeezing juices out on me . After your finish you reach out and kiss me softly on the cheek, and follow my neck down to my shoulder. You take off the blindfold, and you lean me back into your arms . We view of the heavens , it's breath taking. The stars are so bright you feel as if you could reach up and pluck them from the sky, we lay in each other’s arm I feel like I'm melting into your soul.
We got up, and you drive us to a little secluded cottage. You take me into the large bathroom where a warm bath had been poured and in the bath are rose petals and candles surrounded the tub. There,you slowly and deliberately take off my clothes, kissing each inch of exposed flesh as you go , reaching my breast and kissing each, gently biting the nipples and licking, as you savor each pass of your tongue then continue down to my legs you kiss down my the back of my legs. Slowly, you kiss and lick up the inside of the leg till you reach my wetness. Your tongue flicks my waiting clit, gently licking it while your other hand enter my wet cunt .You lubricate your hand with my juices, then gently enters my wonderfully tight ass. Your tongue dives deep in me as you hear my moans, knowing from their sounds your building my cum, you bend me over a near by chair and enter me with your hard cock. It's so tight , you almost want to cum right away. You feel my pulse as I climb to a climax, so strong , so powerful. It sends you over the edge and you cum deep inside me. You feel as though you have now made me yours, and you are mine.
We lay in the warm water caressing one another relaxed and free.


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