Mystery Men....  

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9/21/2005 2:45 pm

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Mystery Men....

Ever dealt with a mystery man? I have and I like it some; as long as I respect them and they respect me and my surroundings. It's fun to think of the things we can do together while keeping it all a secret. I can be anybody I want to be (as in character) and same with him. During which time we can try out those things we've never done. Share things of our conscience that we've dared not share before. Hard to believe but yes, I still have some secrets secret turn on's I haven't written about. Things I want to come naturally said when a person trust another person.


rm_johnd927 55M

9/25/2005 2:17 pm

never a mystery man,but a mystery woman yes,a lot of people have secret turn ons that they have never shared,and may never share for fear of rejection,but yes i still have at my age those secret turn ons,that would be nice to share with the right woman,untill that time comes they shall just have to remain those secret turn ons!

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