My Magic Wand...  

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8/31/2006 3:13 am

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My Magic Wand...

Funny but true!

I have a neighbor whom I share a close relationship with. She has a three year old daughter, and a boy nine years old . When she has to run errands, I occasionally baby-sit for her. She picks up odds and ends for me so I don't mind that her daughter is in the terrible threes and very nosey; and I'm also tutoring her son. So we've share many secret.

She got the opportunity to go to the store last night but it was after the kids were already bathed and ready for bed. So she called me and asked if they may stay in my bedroom while I was on the computer in the living room; because she doesn't like the kids to go to bed smelling like my cigarettes. By them staying in the bedroom they would be safe from my smoke. I agreed, soon they were laying on my bed watching cartoons, so quite I had to keep looking in to see if they were awake.

Eventually, the kids got to clowning around (as they do), but still not making too much noise. I was deep in a cam, conversation with a friend on the computer; he and I were avoiding the sex topic due to the kids around. So needless to say, my mind was not on sex, but on distance between my friend and I. The next thing I knew, the nine year old boy was standing in the bedroom doorway. Saying...."Miss. Cherie', Casey wants to know if she can play with your wand?" I looked up and just laughed my as* off .He was waving around a pink, butt plug dido, the kind that has five imitationed beads on it. Then I ran over and took it from him, and said, " Honey, no that's not a play toy". He said, "Oh, it's your light thingy?" I replied, "Well it's just not a play toy", then asked, "What were you doing looking under my bed?" And of course, the dog had gone there to hide, and they were trying to coats him out.

I got the biggest kick out of that, and so did his mom when she heard it later in the night. Can you imagine?


rm_AndrewCT30 41M
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10/15/2006 8:33 pm

Too funny!
I like the toy though. Sounds like a fun one to use

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