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8/16/2005 4:16 pm

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Just thinking...

I've had a day like the past 7 years, bored. As I lay around waiting for something (I don't know what) to change, you call and ask to come over. I happily agree and jump in the shower to freshen up. Remember the last time we were together (with a smile on my face)I make sure my body is smooth, all cleaned out. You come into the house as if you do it everyday and push me against the wall with a long passionate kiss. Within minutes we head off to the bedroom and close the outside world behind us.
You strip down as I light a candle then return to your body. It's a entertainment to me, to break up my daily routine. I explore your body with a burning desire to devour you. I slowly untangle the hair around your cock and balls not wanting to pull any. Your body smells are inviting me closer; your smiling down at me knowing what's to come. I ask you to lay on the bed where I can get to you better and you glide over and in position.
I love the way your balls lay and I try to get my mouth under them as I suck below to start my mission. You moan in delight, and I move upward to engulp your balls into my mouth. I love watching you tilt your head back as you enjoy what I'm doing to you. I let my tongue run over the folds and creases of your balls as they swell. Watching all the while for the throbbing of your cock to start and I insert a finger in your ass.
As I see your cock starting to sway I increase my sucking to the base of your cock, while it's lightly slapping against the side of my face; I try to gasp it with my tongue. I enclose my mouth around the side of your cock feeling the veins, bumps and ridges. I slowly travel up your cock to my favorite part, the helmet. I've always loved nibbling,lightly biting and sucking the edges as I wait for my little reward of precum to bubble up. I make my lips tiny as I carefully suck in the precum, careful not to touch the head of your cock with my lips.
Your starting to squirm as I insert another finger in your ass and look you in the eyes, open my mouth wide, and take your cock to the back of my throat. Letting my mouth and tongue get reacquainted with your cock. Gliding it from side to side the warmth, wetness, tight sucking; I can feel the heat building up, I lightly apply pressure to your balls.
I moan your going to cummm, I node ok, your drawing your body up, I feel you deeper in my throat, and you cum. Shooting your warm load down the back of my throat, I swallow it all and still I suck for move. You quiver with each lick and groan loudly. I suck until your flat again, then I get up and go get a warm wash cloth, wipe my saliva off and apply a little bit of power, all the while your rubbing my back, then announce, "Now it's your turn."


rm_EZ2bewith 66M
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8/17/2005 12:02 pm

YES, now it IS my turn.... and payback is gonna be a bitch.... i am not going to be nearly as kind to you as you just were with me ... OH NO, you are gonna suffer for a lot longer.... you are gonna wish that i would just leave so you could get some relief by getting yourself off, anything, you know you can stand being kept onthe edge much longer... what did i ever do to deserve this? finally you realize that nothing has helped yet, maybe if you beg for me to let you cum... that could work.... but i would have to make you promise to start all over with me, from the time you lit the candles.... of course this go on all weekend !!!!

overworkedloon 56M
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8/17/2005 12:44 pm

I love your stories. I just hope one day to be part of one. *hugs*

deeppenetr8r51 61M

8/20/2005 6:50 am

Love your story Creamy..Wish I was on the receiving end and the giving end also.. Creamy if your interested contact me with this name under yahell

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