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12/12/2005 7:16 am

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I want you so bad I can almost taste it! I want you to tie me up, blindfold me, and put in ear plugs. Then I want you to start at my neck and nibble and kiss me, working your way down my chest to my nipples where you should start slowly kissing, suck and teasing with your tongue. Working a build up to lightly bit my nipples as you feel my body heat up. Then gently spread my legs apart, kissing my inter thighs and dragging your tongue along to my pussy where you gently open my lips of my pussy and ever so easy tease my clit with you tongue.
Running circles around it, feeling the heat, and smelling the aroma as I twitch and try to move my body for more.
All the while my creamy is starting to oozes out of my hole and ready to be licked up by your tongue. Sensing this you move down just a bit and and lick what is already dripping out, then your attention goes to what's still in my hole and you slowly insert your tongue as if in slow motion, and easing into a hot bath. Feeling the silky smooth velvet of my inter walls makes you speed up the pace just a bit, as you let your tongue try different shapes to find whats comfortable, and you control me by wrapping your arms around my thighs. You increase the twists and turns of your tongue as you dart in and out between my hole and my clit. By now I'm begging you to tongue fuck me and you do so willingly, as the small tension of my body start to tighten and you've been waiting for this. So you increase the pressure and pace and get your just reward as my body exploder's with movement and violent shakes. I beg you to fuck me at that moment and you rush up my body, your cock is hard and throbbing' itching to get into my wet tight pussy. With your entrance to my pussy, I gasp and go into another small orgasm which just excites you more and you start pounding away; long, hard, deep pumps as I moan with delight. I feel your cock start to swell even more, but as you ask me to turn over, and gently help me do this. Now you enter me from behind, but still in my pussy and I feel your cock has gone up to the top of my pussy inside and can go no more. As you pump me I can hear my juice's squishing as you cock slaps the inside of my pussy.

~~~~to be continued~~~~~~


Rockhard2x6 54M

12/13/2005 1:17 pm

Geesh creamy I didn't know you were going to write about us.

joechatsworth 57M

12/19/2005 3:14 pm

Aahhhhhhhh such a wonderful description of the pleasures a woman such as you can share... ohhh my I am tingling at the thought of your wetness, your heat sharing a passion that would leave puddles of your juices if my tongue was not licking, lapping, tasting and loving it all. There is no greater pleasure I can imagine than to feel, hear, taste your orgasms, feel your thighs pressing your hips pushing your clit throbbing, your lips pulsing as your juices flow and your orgasm spills all over my face.

Thank you for such a special feeling as I read your words, realizing how real you are. Aahhhhhh to be in Atlanta on Sunday... to visit Morrow for some poker.........

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