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8/23/2005 10:21 pm

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We just had an active session on the floor but get up to make our way to the bed room. Thur twist, turns, kisses, and tag of each others body's we land on the carpet of the bedroom. You hold me in a tight embrace, towering over me your long hair hangs downs teasing my skin around my breast. You come toward my neck and my fingers play with the soft strands as your mouth gently kisses a path to my nipples. At first you tease me with sucking and I press your face harder into my apply pressure of light bites and I whisper harder.

Knowing the nipple play has just made me wet, (the cum smell is filling the air) you kiss your way down my body sliding your hair as a tickle torches to my twat. I gather your hair out of the way for you as you apply light kisses against my thighs. I pull your hair toward me hoping that the insensitive will make you tongue my pussy; it does and you start to tongue fuck me knowing you have to hold onto me while I buckle with delight. My hands run through your hair as I grind your face.

Then all at once, you flip me over and without commands I assume the position with my ass up in the air for you to enter me any way you want. You grab my hair this time and gather as much as you can then ram into my ass, with a moan of shock I lean forward for a more acceptable access. Now your grinding me from behind and holding my hair like a mane from a horse, but I don't care, I'm too busy making the rhyme right, I reach under me and squeeze your balls with every thrusts. Your pulling harder now and I'm about to cum all over your tight fitting cock. A few more slaps with your balls and we cum at the same time, frozen in a climate you release my hair and slump down on my body as we lay there letting our juices mix.


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8/24/2005 4:38 am

Reading this makes me want to leave my office and...
Very nice.

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

8/25/2005 10:26 am

I am speechless!

very very nice!

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