Glory Holes....  

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9/2/2005 3:15 pm

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Glory Holes....

Now some of you ladies might not know what a glory hole is, well, I'll tell ya': when a man goes into a sex shop for books, video's, etc.. they usually have some closet shape rooms in the back where a man can go to view previews of the video's, (last one I went to was aqua blue) and they have these stools (nailed down to the floor) where a man can sit and watch this little TV screen for the clips. The walls are close and their have two holes drilled in either side with a piece of wood to swing to the side or slide open; usually a dick either comes though or he put's his there for sucking. Now before you get grossed out think of it this way, to a man with a hard on that needs relief fast, any mouth will do male or female.

I went to one a couple of times (ladies care wipes you'll need them) and I got really turned on by the whole thing. This was all before aids was running like water all around and I was with a boyfriend at the time. We were having sex and I had dicks to either side of me, another time guys were looking thru the holes at us. We got followed (we lost them on the way home TG), my guy at the time got into fights because men would try to get into the room with us or block him from following me in so they could try to get in. We stopped going when things got so rough, but we had good times while it lasted.


pieawackit1000 53F
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9/20/2005 4:52 pm

Wow, I like that thought!

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