Fun times..  

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10/25/2005 2:48 pm

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Fun times..

I can remember some of the fun times I've had trying to come up with new idea's to keep my sex life lively. Once I had two of my room mates help me write all over my body cute little sayings like the "shock-it-to-me girls" from Laugh-in. I drove over to my then boyfriends house in nothing but an overcoat. When he opened the door I opened my coat. He grabbed my wrist and told me to get inside and take a shower, to get it off. Dullsvilla!
Another time I spent a LOT of money on a bodice, hose, G-string, gloves and Maxim high heels. I had to get help getting into it; the bodice laced up like shoe strings but tiny ones from my twat to my chest, it was burgundy, with black lace. It took me an hour to get it together, it took him all of 2 minutes to get it off. Another time I wore men's silk boxer shorts and a silk robe, that guy ripped the shorts off me. I've had on a Christmas red suit with white lace that was ripped off and a baby blue one ripped. I've gone thru hose out the yen yin, and had a boss buy a pair and stick them in my mailbox at work. Clothes must mean a lot to guy's; it doesn't stop them from complaining on how long it takes to get dressed thou.


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