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12/2/2005 11:02 pm

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Fantasy Shave

Thinking things are weird between us is an understatement, I'm a people person, and he's anything but a people person. Any way, we have a good time when he's here; this time though, I had a very disturbing thought...I know we're here to have a good time, but to think of just how we come about getting together (OK, different subject.).
He wasn't in the door good when he started kissing me, (why do we women get fancied up they're too horny to notice), as I locked the door, and turned out the lights; he shoot straight to the bedroom and got undressed. I said "what's the hurry? I need a little lovin' first". He replied (I thought it was cute at the time) "baby, I've been thinking about this all week", I laughed and laid down beside him, we shoot the shit for a minute or two as I smoked a cigarette (of course there was touching going on, like pinching my nipples, rubbing his cock, and kissing my shoulders, chest and neck), it's also how the title of this came about, but that's another story. Then after my smoke, I started at his nipples, sucking and little biting as I worked my way down his body.He was hard as a rock and his cock hit me in the face as I attempted to suck his balls. In my mind this thrilled me to have such a lovely hard cock waiting for me to do as I pleased with. I first licked between his balls and his thighs, then I traveled down to the spot under the balls and sucked it in my mouth to his moans. Next I sucked on his balls lightly (he ticklish), then made my way to his beautiful, hard, throbbing shaft. I sucked from one side to the other careful not to touch the head. Next I processed to the helmet of his cock and nibbled on my favorite part the edge of the head...mmm. I sucked just the tip of his head until I didn't think he could handle more, then I took the whole head in and out a few times with deep hard sucks. I opened my mouth and took his cook all the way to the back of my throat and all that he had; a good time sucking and teasing, then he was asking for my titties. I moved up some and as he titty fucked me I opened my mouth and sucked his cock from the other side, he pinched and twink-ed my nipples during this act...
to be continued


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