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11/10/2005 2:53 am

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A thought....

I sit watching your cam as your jacking off and chatting to me word by word your making me hornier with every line I read.
I'm wishing there wasn't a screen between us, as I lower my hand to the lips of my pussy. I like teasing myself and feeling the heat raise as I watch your hard cock wave and grow harder. I open the lips and trace the lines of my cunt as I see you become stiff and as bouncy as a spring extending from your body. Oh, I can't stand it much more I insert a finger into this wet pussy and feel the wet cum greet my fingers as I feel the tighten of my muscles eager my fingers on. I watch you and I long for that cock so bad, that I reach up and put my hand to the screen and amazingly my hand goes thou the screen. At first I panic, I then pull my other hand from my pussy, taste my cum on my fingers and reach again for the screen. You've noticed something is happening too. You stand and lean closer to your screen, I put my hand through and bring my nude body through; with no words you help me over the desk and onto the floor. I lay and put my legs up, then spread them as far as they will go. You go down to greet my opening with your mouth, I motion for you to put your body up and over me, so we are in a sixty-nine position. I finally get to taste the cock I have been looking at so long, but first I must taste the balls, and that wonderful spot behind them. Mmm, your tongue enters my pussy in a delight, as I suck in one ball then the other. I run my tongue along the swelling of your balls feeling the folds and creases enlarge. At the base of the shaft I suck harder to see you squirm, toward placing your cock in my mouth, but I still have control, just as you have control of my pussy. Your tongue running circles around my nob, then tracing the outer edges as you skim over the clit, letting your breath blow on it lightly....ooooohhh. I feel as if I start sucking, you I can get you to tongue fuck me, so I place the tip of your cock at my lips and nibble the head, then around the edge of the helmet I run my tongue, I feel it get ridged. I see precum catch the light and shine, I take your cock to the back of my throat. You stop eating for a moment as the feel makes you paralyzed with pleasure .As my lips feel the veins and bumps or ridges of your cock, I tighten my mouth, you go back to eating me but this time your more into it and it makes a difference as to the increase of pleasure you give. I pull back and tease the head of your cock in and almost out with the muscles of my mouth. You start tongue fucking me and I start making love to the cock in my mouth, I make it feel as though there's nothing in the world as good as this. With in minutes you feel me tighten up and my increase pressure on your cock tells you I'm about to cum, as I do my body rocks beneath you and you in turn enjoy the pleasure building up and you cum in my mouth.
We lay there neither one of us moving, exhaust and pleased. I lower my head and peak over your leg's and say,"Hello, I'm creamypuddles".


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