ok i guess this is the second one.  

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5/23/2006 12:14 am

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ok i guess this is the second one.

when thinking about this site and its role in colege sex life, it can play a huge one. it can be easy to go to a party or such, and met someone while you are both plasted beyond belief and possibly go back to one's dorm/apt/etc. this site could really allow young people to get out there and meet others for one simple purpose: to explore sex in as many ways as possible.
one probably could get as many men/woman as they want in the colligate social scene but have a AdultFriendFinder profile to attract older women (or men for that matter). And that brings up another great thing this site brings. If you want to experiment with the same sex, you can find so many college aged men/women (or those older ones looking for those younger pieces of meat) that are also tryign to be discrete b/c they dont want anyone to find out that they 1) are gay/bi or 2) want to try the opposite sex. in that aspect this site is a great place for that.

some observations:
- people critize others for sleeping with alot of people in college. these people are just frustrated because they aren't swimming in pussy and cock liike the people the judge are.
-when was it ok to have sex with the door wide open. you are my rommate, i realy dont want to see you mounting that chick. close and lock the door, if possible.
-she says she's on the pill? have her put the pill in her mouth right in front of you ( a joke for a friend)
-its ok to be slutty. we are young people and it we are jsut simply trying to get laid, others will jsut have to deal with that if they have a problem.
-sex isnt taboo so dont be embrassed to talk about if your friends are. And honesty is important. youn dont want to get yourself in trouble and embrassement will not happen ( at least 95% of the time)

so get out there kids and let have some sex.
speaking of which, Putitinmyass87, if you are reading this, comment on my blog with some info so we can chat!

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