The Invisible Man  

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10/14/2005 8:58 am

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The Invisible Man

There have been fewer things I've ever fantasized about as a kid, and even now as an adult, than the ability to become invisible! Well, there was also being able to fly like Superman, but being invisible I thought, was a lot more fun.

Funny how the reasonings behind them change as I age. Back when I was an innocent minded, sweet child (muhaha), oh I'd say it would have been cool to be invisible so I could play pranks on my friends and parents ... yunno, rattle some chains in the middle of the night 'n shit, skip school and cross guards and policeman couldn't ever spot me, and totally fuck with my pet dog's head. Now as an adult, my agenda's completely changed.

For example, let's say I found some magic genie in a bottle and he granted me my wish of being invisible, but the kind of invisibleness he can grant me is everlasting, meaning I can't switch it on and off. Once I go blank, I'll never go back! Think about the possibilities!

For one thing ... I'D QUIT MY DAMN JOB! Imagine a life without getting up every morning and HAVING to be somewhere so that money can be made to put a roof over your head, food in your stomach, and any other of life's requirements for why we need it. FORGET IT! You wouldn't need it, because the world's treasures are there for you to take ... without any repercussions. Didn't you use to say when you were younger "It's only cheating or stealing, IF you get caught?" I did!

So what would I do? The first thing I'd do is get my happy ass on a plane and tour the world - absofuckinglutely free. Just mosey on by the TSA's security check point at the airport, laugh your way right past metal detectors, and just plop right down into any available seat there is - preferrably First Class. Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Hawaii, Europe, my goodness - just thinking about it makes my hair stand on end. I'd be a world class traveller, and whenever it came to eating or sleeping, I'd just help myself to whatever and wherever I'd like. Gimme that! Snatch a damn $6 muffin and $4 bottle of water from those expensive ass airport kiosks. Gimme that! Program a hotel key to a luxury suite in a 5 star hotel that I know won't be rented for the night. Move over rover! Take a seat in a partially occupied cab, bus, or train. I getz around.

Subsistence and a place to crash, what else would a human being need to survive? Nothing. So then comes the entertainment part of this incredible life. Besides the travelling, I'd need something else to keep my mind occupied. How about free seats to any concert, movie, play, circus,
or yunno, neat stuff like Cosmic Top Secret meetings at the Pentagon. Ahhh, that's right. With great power, comes great responsibility. I could literally walk into the President's office, FBI HQ, DEA, shoot, even KGB and have access to all their SECRETS they don't want you to know about. I could solve conflict and wars by crippling our adversaries by spying on them and reporting INTEL back to our country. I could even put an end to terrorism once and for all. I'd know who's who, who's where, and for God's sake use some fucking deoderant. I'd make millions trading secrets, and even more stealing them. I'd play the stock market, and win every time. But being alone at the top is boring. Amassing unbelievable wealth just won't cut it.

My demented mind would just continue to delve in what else I could get away with. Like Kevin Bacon in Hollow Man, I wouldn't have to worry about looking myself in the mirror. So fugit, I'd be the Ultimate perv! I'd be in public bathrooms, College girls locker and shower rooms, department store fitting rooms, bedrooms, ANYWHERE a fine female thinks she is in privacy. I'd then follow the bitch home .... shit, she'll even give me a ride herself. And when her man is knocked out sleeping on the couch, up late watching TV, or even out partying with the boys, I'd climb up into that bed and act like if I was her man and have my way with her. If she's a single woman, I'd undress her in her sleep. I'd suck on her titties, eat her pussy, and she'd just think it was a dream.

I'd sit in on porn flick sets, super model photo shoots, be the 'mystery' dick that's fucking you from behind in an orgy, I'd grab chicks asses, crotches, and tits in a crowded elevator, and NO ONE will ever know it's me. I'd look up at skirts on escalators, look down on opened shirts, witness an 18 year old getting her regular 'check up' at her Gynocologist's office, watch strippers and private dances for free, I'd walk right up to and gaze all I want at thonged asses and topless titties on the beach ... without getting sand kicked in my face. I'd witness countless cherries gettin popped, men taking it up the ass, lonely horny women playing with vibrators, and witness woman who go to the bathroom to frig their clit because of some hot blog they read while on the computer.

Yesiree friends, there's SO much things I would do if I were invisible. And yes, most of them would be sexual in nature. But you gotta admit, wouldn't it be really cool?


LatinFullFigured 40F

10/17/2005 10:54 am

Ayayay Master Censo,

Your mind truely is a wide spectrum. You continue to amaze me and totally tickle my funny bone. I wouldn't mind being a part of that warped mind of yours some time...LOL!!!

I do tend to agree with all the naughtiness...muhahaha...what fun!!

Can I be your sidekick? Not sure what I want though...x-ray vision or the ability to change my form to anything and everything...

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