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10/4/2005 3:05 pm

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R U 1 2?

At 30 years old, I figure I'm a little over having lived 1/3 of my life (according to the average life expectancy in the U.S.) Most of these years were spent learning about do's and don'ts, what's safe and what's not, dreaded math that you'll never again use in your life, getting on the right track to a [hopefully] successful career, and discovering higher complexities to the bird and the bees .... to name a few. If you're lucky, then you would have gotten hitched a couple of times, like your's truly did and learn even more about how viscious and vindictive women can be. Now, where exactly did I leave that machete?

Be it as it may be, I've amassed an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom throughout the years. Yes I purposely distinguish one from the other because knowledge is information you acquire through experiencing it on your own .... you know, the school of hard knocks', whereas wisdom is information you gain by taking someone elses word on it, reading up on the subject matter, or just plain common sense that makes you think FUCK ALL THAT NOISE!
and then act out accordingly, hopefully keeping you out of jail.

So, I give credit to technology for allowing me to expand my sexual horizons. Ah yes, thanks to the existence of the internet, how on Earth could I have possibly witnessed BD/SM, Master/slave, Dominatrices and Fem Dommes, Chicks with Dicks, Midget fucking, Bodybuilding chicks that look like men, Pain and Torture, Golden Showers, Scatting, Bukakke, Gangbangs, 14" Mandigo dicks, Scale Bustin BBWs, Vouyerism, Exhibitionists, MILFs, Teeny Boppers, a myriad of chicks from various nationalities; Latino, Asian, Black, Russian, etc., and chicks fucking their Great Danes and Stallions .... all in one afternoon?

All at my fingertips!

No wonder folks from the ole' days just got married and stayed together forever like luggage. Most technology they had around the house was a rotary phone, an 8-track, and a quartz clock hanging up on the wall (besides the b/w TV of course).

Yes yes my dear comrades, technology has brought out the freaks in all of us - some in more ways than others. Like myeslf for example. A muscular six foot tall towering body of pure ecstasy (well yunno - as I'm told). All my life, I've always called the shots in bed. Not necessarily because I wanted to, it just always seemed to happen that way. Even women who are naturally dominant have melted at the mere gaze of my eyes, the touch of my kiss, and the warmth of my breath on her neck. But all that changed recently.

I was out on a date with this chick I had previously met at a bar. We got pretty tipsy, so naturally ... out the window went our inhibitions. Secrets started to unveil, and fantasies were expressed. So we're having fun, lines of communication are wide open, and the night is young. After more flirting and playing X-rated pic matching games on those convenient table top video games found at bars, we decided to head out.

Now since I'm a gentleman, I don't get any pleasure from taking advantage of an inebriated specimen of the opposite sex - a chickenhead. So I do the right thing and take her to one of those 24-hour breakfast joints. We eat, chit-chat, play footsies, giggle like little high school kids, and when we've had our fill, she invites me back to her cribbage. I figured 'nice', the night's going along just swell.

We get back to her place and she gives me a tour of her grand mansion of a 1 bedroom apt. Now, her pussy with 4 legs was no where to be found, which is good, since I'm really allergic to them .... she's afraid of company - so great, keep away so I can meet mommy's other pussy.

Lo and behold, almost by some strange and unknown force, electromagnetic forces drew us to her bed where we stumbled and fell on top of each other. Ok, so we were still tipsy even after eating, but double Grand Marnier shots and buckets of beer does that to you after having enough of them. So off comes my shirt, and all of her clothes. She lays on her back, opens her legs and starts rubbing her tulips and starts moaning. Now, I know most men don't need an instruction manual to figure out what this means ...

She's OBVIOUSLY so messed up from the booz that she is confused by rubbing her crotch instead of her aching head!

So being the good gentlemanly, chivalrous lad that I am, ... I offered her a helping hand. So now I'm massaging her pretty, hot, and very moist lips and feeling noble because I'm doing my good deed for the day. Next thing I know, she grabs my head and forces me down on her.

Well hot damn, sure you don't want to talk this over and let me con you into thinking why it doesn't matter that this is our first date?

So I'm sucking face with her 2nd pair of lips, and I'm having a ball. Now both her hands are on my head and like a skillful artist painting the next Mona Lisa, she's navigating my head up 'n down, and all around her kit-kat! So I'm thinkin' to myself, "wow, this is pretty freakin hot!"

Like a boy secretly stealing Holy bread and guzzling Sacrificial wine from the church his mom tortured him by making him sit hours on end every Sunday when he could be playing with the other cool kids on the block who had the fire hydrant on full blast and was chanelling a huge wave of water across the street with an empty aluminum can of what used to have Pork 'n Beans, he wants to see what other greater challenges await him.

I can obviously tell by the puddle she's making on her bed and by the moans that she was emitting that she's having way too much fun. So evil little Johnny in me takes over and starts to pull away. Thats when she begins to plead, and beg, please don't stop, please don't stop. And for some crazy-ass reason, I said "don't ask me to continue eating your pussy ... TELL ME TO DO IT!!!"

For a split second she looked at me with a look of astonishment but then quickly figured out what I was up to - I wanted her to commandeer this thirsty, pussy ravaging, hungry, piece of shit, good for nothing, worthless spic ...

oh, ... sorry

So anyway, she did just that. She pulled on my hair harder, forced me into her pussy harder, and started talking to me with the filthiest mouth ever. I said, what if I want to stop? (with the saddest puppy dog eyes I could conjure) Hehe, she said, you'll stop when I say you can stop, and again, forced me back to a place of darkness I hated living in for 9 months out of my life.

After a while of this hangover remedy she seems to think will work, I pull away again, and said, you can't make me. What are you gonna do about it? She tried to force me back down but this time I resisted. Knowing she couldn't out power me, I gave her a bargaining chip, and ultimately introduced her to the next level of role-playing that was apparently unfolding for me for the very first time. I said, what? are you gonna slap me?

Hint, hint

Wouldn't you know, the mademoiselle starts slapping me like I'm a big Nelly sissy bitch from Greenwich Village, and just like McDonald's, ... I'm loving it! Each time I'd pull away, more slaps would follow, from the left, from the right, even simultaneously, and each time harder than the last. This obviously has excited her even more because next thing I knew, she gets up, PUSHES me flat on the bed and climbs .... yes, CLIMBS onto my face, and sits her ass smack on top of my mouth. She said, now Eat my ass ... BITCH!

Good lord a massive hardon with tighty whities and jeans on, hurts!

So now after having eaten her pie, I'm eating her crust, and boy it tastes great. I'm licking, probing ... practically tongue fucking her in the ass and she's loving it. At this point, naughty me figures, well, my face is covered, so she can't possibly slap me in the face now .... let's see what she'll come up with if I stop now.

My biggest fear is that she'd fart on me for being such a prick for teasin her the way I've been doing so far...

Thankfully, she did something more pleasant, she reached behind her and squeezed the shit out of my family jewels. Man is this girl batting a thousand or what! So she climbs back off, and back I go into the bat cave. I figured she's been treating me SO well that I just have to repay her. So in comes the 5 fingers of death - my right hand. I used a technique I learned by attending a previous Meet 'n Greet, I bent in my ring finger and put to use the remaining four. I inserted my pinky into her ass, my middle and index finger into the coochie, and tongue and thumb swirled around the clit. Now my other hand was above me, on her fun bags - squeezing, twirling, and massaging her tits and nipples.

Almost within no time, the girl came .... and came hard. Now, if I didn't know this about her before hand (she mentioned it during our we're gonna fuck later talk), I would have been insulted. But when she cums, she busts out giggling like she heard one of those jokes your best friend tells you that is SO stupid that's it's funny, and you can't stop chucking about it for a good 2 - 3 minutes ... yup, that was her. So I figured, damn, I hit the jackpot. Just as I'm about to stand up and take my jeans off, cuz yunno, they were like still on me, how about ole' girl starts getting emotional and begins to cry!

Turns out, she wasn't completely over her ex-boyfriend and the experience, and lets not forget the orgasm I gave her, in SOME twisted way reminded her of her ex whom she had just broken up with, and therefore could not continue any further.

Uhhh, squeeze me???

You waited until NOW after I've given you a mind blowing orgasm and swallowed I dunno how many buckets of cum to pull this little drama queen skit out of you? Oh just how convenient is that ...

So the story ends sadly in that I DID NOT get my rocks off, well, at least not by her anyway, but I have made a discovery within myself that I never would have imagined in a million years existed inside of me ... I FUCKING enjoyed being dominated by a woman! It's a feeling I couldn't explain, and still can't. The thought of a woman controlling me, abusing me, taking advantage, disrespecting, slapping, fucking, shoot, even spitting and completely humiliating me, is like the best roller coaster ride I've ever been on.

So does this mean I can no longer go back to being "grrrrrrr, moan, uugah woogah, pounding on chest" dominant me? Heck no, for I still LOVE to grab a bitch's hair, talk smack in her ear, forcefully fuck her and drive my cock DEEP into her nasty little cunt and sphincter orifice, choke the bitch till she begs for air, spank her ass till it's flaming red hot, and bite the shit out of her neck and tits, and then spew millions of my offspring onto her face and then make her lick it up - every last drop of it.

So this could only mean one thing .... I'm a Switch. Fortified by my dearest cutie pootootie slave friend of mine, I was correctly labeled that by her, and so ... such is life. And you know what? I'm pretty damn proud of it too! This just adds yet another level of excitement and fun to the joy of sex. It took spontaneity, and the right circumstances for this to have evolved and surfaced the right way.

A mind is like a parachute, both operate at its fullest capacity when completely open. I only hope that more of you can allow your inhibitions to be released from captivity of insecurity, low self-esteem, or traditional thinking for there's a plethora of fantasies waiting to be discovered and/or fulfilled in your sub-conscious mind. If you believe that nothing is too Taboo, ... well, just ask West Virginians, you too can discover greater ways of spicing up just plain ole' vanilla sex.


LatinFullFigured 40F

10/5/2005 5:59 am

You must have known what you were going to be doing to me when you told me to read this as soon as I got to work...YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!

Now what do I do with all the vivid thoughts circulating in my amagination...if you were here I'd make you drop to your knees pull your head back by your hair and tell you how worthless you are and what I plan on doing to you and you will comply!!! You will not resist and you will like and expressing it accordingly...puta sucia!!!

rm_CENSO 42M
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10/6/2005 11:42 am

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, LatinFullFigured - you keep it up with that dirty talk and you're liable to make me drive back down to Tampa!

rm_kellijo1169 47F
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10/9/2005 1:55 pm

Orlando's closer. You'll be here when?

SluttyKitten22 32F

7/11/2006 6:00 pm

Wow... really awesome. Glad you found something new to try.

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