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Body Canvas

Those who know me, (and for those of you who are observant enough and have realized on your own this manifesto) know that what we are exposed to ... well, sometimes influences us in some kind of way. Allow me to use an analogy ...

It is time for me to tell you an ageless story, my special one. It is a story retold many times and in many universes. It is a story as old as the mountains and as deep as the clear, blue ocean. It is a story told by the Aztec, the Apache, the Arapaho, and the Conquistador. It is a story told by the Celts, Gaels, Andulasians, and Hindu. Let me share this story with you.

While hunting in the mountains a man killed an eagle and was so astonished at the great bird's size and beauty that he kept one of the eggs from the eagle's nest.

He returned to his farm on the valley floor, so far beneath the dead eagles perch. Placing the egg under a sitting hen, he hoped to see it hatch. After a few weeks the egg did hatch. The farmer was busy with other work and did not notice the strange looking "chicken." This chicken soon learned from his foster mother and others in the farm yard how to grovel and peck for survival. He was initiated into the ways of the yard quickly learning that he was at the bottom of the pecking order. Soon he looked pretty scruffy as a result.

One day the now near full grown eagle but forced to be a chicken, looked up into the heavens and saw a huge bird soaring among the wondrous clouds. He marveled at the freedom and beauty of the great bird. He could not fail but notice the majesty of the regal bird as it surveyed it's kingdom from high above. Intently looking at this wonder he did not notice how the bird's shadow had caused all the farm animals to scatter and hide. The other hens clucked their warning to him but he was oblivious to their raucous, farm yard noise.

For what ever reason, he found his blood racing and his feathers beginning to unfurl and straighten. He shook himself and when he cried it was not the strangled croak that he used to make when trying to talk as chickens do. Instead, a full bodied roar sounded from his chest.

High above, the huge bird stopped it's circling and, looking down again into the farm yard, spied the "chicken." Somewhat mystified the golden bird swooped low over the yard hawking loudly back to the "chicken." The great bird came to rest on top of the highest point of the farmer's barn. Looking down at the "chicken" the great bird exclaimed. "Young eagle what are you doing pecking around in this farm yard?" The younger responded by saying that he was after all a chicken and this is where he belonged as a chicken. The great bird looked down in astonishment and said, "How can you be a chicken when you are an eagle!" The younger replied, "Oh no great one, I am really a chicken and here is where I belong with the rest of my clan."

Puzzled, the great bird swooped down and landed beside the younger one. "Come with me," stated the great bird, "and we will see." The "chicken" followed the great bird over to the farm pond where they both looked at their reflections in the water. "Are you a hen then?" queried the great bird. "Oh, yes I am," said the younger, "I have been told and showed that I am a chicken and a chicken I always will be." "Look again," said the great bird, "and this time compare yourself to me." The younger did so and was mightily startled at what he saw. For instead of a chicken he saw that he did indeed resemble this great bird.

Very confused he asked, "How can this be oh great bird?" The great bird, with gentleness and learning, responded that, "You, my young eagle, have been taught your limitations as a chicken and that your place in life is to scratch around the farm yard for ever. But your true calling is that of an eagle and an eagle you must become. It is high in the heavens where you belong where all the land is your domain. I will teach you how to fly and how to soar. I will teach you the mysteries of the mountains and where to find the warm currents that lifts us beyond any limitation. You will soar with me and experience the exuberance of all that our life has to offer. No man can harness you or rob you of your inherent dignity. You are after all an eagle, and an eagle you surely will be!"

~ So what does this have to do with Tattooing? ~

Nothing really, it's just merely an example to support my point. Ever since I've been watching Discovery Channel's "Miami Ink" and A&E's "Inked", I'm suddenly having the urge to get tattoed (the eagle tryin' to act like a chicken) Now chew on this: I spent 7 years in an environment where tattoos are prevalant and almost required for reasons of social acceptance among peers. It demonstrates who you are, where you've been, and how tough you were. No no, I didn't spend 7 years getting butt fucked in the shower in some federal state penitentiary - I'm talking about the U.S. Navy. (so what's the difference you're thinking, huh? - fucker)

I guess I wasn't influenced back then because all the tatts looked the same. Gold fouled anchor with USN beneath it, "Old Ironsides" wooden ship, Popeye, some sort of tatt showing you've crossed the equator at this time at this location, and on this vessel, or what rank you were - typically Chief and above, or even your rating ... Boatswain's Mates were famous for that one. BORINGGGGGG!

And also, being in the Navy among thousands of other peers, it kinda made you feel 'compelled' to do it. Screw that, I've never been one to follow the masses. So, it wasn't until I started viewing these shows on my own that I started to realize just how cool this could actually be. For most people, a tattoo is a reflection in a person's point in life they wish to capture and preserve forever. I don't know that's necessarily the case with me. I think for me it's more like getting something either on my arm, my back, or both, that when someone looks at it, they think "bad ass".

Well, the problem is that I just can't think of anything that uncommon and non-cheezy that I would want permanently brand on my body forever. If I get an eagle, then I'd be portrayed as a biker dude (and then chickens everywhere will scatter everytime I come near), any kind of webbing - I feel trapped, Dragons, Tigers, and Skulls - an ex con possibly ... Mommy 'n Daddy, Hearts, Religious symbols, they're just too ummm, como se dice ... eh, played out. The ones I really have lots of admiration for are memorials. But hey, I'm no one to judge the likings of others, I just know what I want or don't want on my body.

So it'd have to be something unique, but something that would also pass the test of time. I don't want to be like these fools who jump head in getting a tattoo because it was cool at the moment and didn't really take the time to think it over (like all those muscle heads who went and got those Tribal bands around their arm and is now out of style because a more modern design came out), or even those who would consider getting a tattoo while they're drunk or high and later on in life regret it immensely and spend big bucks and LOTS more pain trying to get it removed - dohhh! Nah, not "I" said the goose.

And it won't be a cheapy one either. It'd be something elaborate, taking lots of hours (and lotsa money). A real masterpiece. Ahh, who am I kidding, then it'd be overpowering, too gaudy. Perhaps I should just shut the fuck up and not get any tattoos done at all, and just continue to admire (or make ridicule) of those who do. Either way, the decision is mine to make and I'll take my time doing it. I'll update ya if I ever do.


LatinFullFigured 40F

10/7/2005 12:56 pm

I agree with you as far as getting it b/c everyone else does. It has to be a personal choice and liking. As a woman (in my eyes) it is more delicate a situation as to what to get and where to put it. Who wants to see a wrinkled old woman with tattoos on her chest or arm and such (my opinion). Certain locations for tattoos look "butch" on a woman. Not only should the tattoo be something that doesn't where out its welcome after a while, but perhaps something that means something to you - symbolizes something...if not to anyone else but YOU!! Ask me sometime and you'll know what I mean...not a tattoo on my body that doesn't symbolize something to me and all are where in old age will not embarrass me. Aside from the fact now that usually excites people to find out that the "normal" looking chick has 5 tattoos and (hubba hubba) can I find where they are .

Bravo!! to you...getcha ink on!!!

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