Where do they come from...?  

CD_Jodie2 52T  
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3/17/2006 8:08 am

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7/23/2006 2:43 pm

Where do they come from...?

Hi everyone... well, almost everyone.

Bought some new little peach chiffon ruffled ballerina panties to cheer myself up a little, anyone like em?

I had a really nice day yesterday, feels like spring here in the mountains finally, bright and sunny. A couple things went very well for me during the day, business stuff but still kind of brightened my whole outlook.

Then a little shopping, cute pink and white summer dress, too short of course! Still adorable though, can't wait to wear it. Even got some new shoes, red Patent leather platforms, as if I needed more shoes. LOL

And my new infatuation with TiffanyAnne seems to be escalating to the point where I might be falling in love with her. I've met a lot of extremely wonderful girls on here, but this is going far beyond that, I think about her all day, wait impatiently for her in the evenings to join me in the Gender Room, love it when she is there and am bored out of my mind when she's not. Wrote her a little note and got the loveliest reply... just made my day.

Then I noticed on her profile she listed U2 as one of her favorite bands. Got lucky and met a friend on IM who is a big U2 fan, so he spent a lot of time with me listing all his favorite cuts and albums, and I downloaded them all so I could do a special U2 set just for Tiff last night.

Then I got ready to go online, picked out a couple outfits, did my makeup, hair, nails, eyes, jewelry. I dont know exactly why but I refuse to chat unless I am on Cam, even if I dont feel like stripping or doing Shows. Something about anyone I am talking to being able to see me makes me feel right. I like people to know I really am ME, like them to see me and even if I don't look fantastic, at least I want to look the best I can.

So then I went to the Gender Room early last night, in a great mood and feeling pretty good. Lots of friends in there as usual, takes me 10 minutes just to say HI to everyone sometimes. And I like it there, feel pretty special and comfortable, love the company, have a lot of fun.

Shortly after I got there my Puppy wandered on Cam and I chased her away, she is not allowed to be on Cam as I have had some absolutely revolting and sickening remarks in the past about filthy disgusting animal sex on a few occasions when she came over to give me a kiss while I was on Cam.

So CindiLu said I was being mean chasing her away, and I thought what the Hell, it's all my friends in here, let them see my adorable little doggie. So I called her over and she sat next to me, held up her paw to wave to everyone on Cam... pretty innocent if you ask me.

And within seconds, some absolutely disgusting SICK FILTHY PERVERTED REVOLTING SLIME immediately makes an absolutely sickening remark about me performing a filthy sexual act with my dog for his twisted sick pleasure. I left the Room instantly, killed my Cam and IM, and I am not sure if and when I will ever go back.

Even for a very liberal adult sex site I think there are some things that are well beyond the standards of human decency, and I would have to say child pornography and animal sex would rank as the two most obscene twisted sick thoughts possible. Where do these SICK BASTARDS come from? Are they so revolting and pathetic that human beings would never consider having sex with them so they resort to animals?

I firmly believe animals and pets exist in this world to make our lives more meaningful and complete, to shower us with love and adoration whether we merit it or not, to show us by example through their adoration and loyalty that they love us and need us and care about us. And very few relationships in our lives could ever be as pure and honest as the love between a person and an animal they care about that loves them back in the same fashion.

I have to draw the line somewhere, there is enough abuse and insults and crude obscene remarks on a daily basis for a girl like me on here to make it questionable wether it's worth remaining, but this goes so far beyond that normal level of unpleasantness that I just won't stand for it any more. I have had 3 previous incidences of the same type of revolting remarks and if it ever happens again I am leaving this site for good.

I felt absolutely sick all evening, still feel nauseated and revolted this morning about it. These twisted subhuman sick filthy creeps are the same ones who promote kiddie porn and innocent girls and women, abuse babies, have such a pathetic existence they derive their sick thrills from making decent people hate them and just be revolted by them.

This slime's profile has been removed this morning, some one must have reported him to AdultFriendFinder and he is gone now, as they must have banned him from the site. I had a lot of friends in there, I imagine they were all pretty upset and revolted by this too.

Ironic thing is I was reading some other Blogs just yesterday, and I noticed a lot of people use these as a soapbox to complain and bitch about things, said to myself that I like the fact I never do that, just like to write to have fun, cheer people up, generally have a lot of nice to things to say about a lot of people I care about. But I am not going to apologize for bitching about this today, it's the kind of conduct no decent human being should ever tolerate.

Wonder what would have happened to that pathetic loser if he had made a remark like that to me in a bar with 40 of my good friends around me instead of an anonymous chatroom. Doubt if he would have made it out of there in one piece, I know he wouldnt have. But the Internet allows the worst of all mankind to hide their ugly sick twisted behavior behind a keyboard and not be responsible for their actions. So this pathetic piece of shit thinks he got away with this because no real man in there was able to kick his ass, as they would have in the real world without a doubt.

I'm not saying it would be that great of a loss to this site if I get so sick of it I leave, but at some point if this behavior drives away more and more of the decent people on here, what is going to remain? We need to stick together, when people are abusive beyond the bounds of normal sexual pleasantries it's time for every person in the Room to stand up and drive this filth completely off this site.

I know I will get the usual supportive comments from my close friends after they read this, but this time that's really not enough. I want to see a real difference in the behavior in the Rooms, if someone is sick and insulting I feel they should be bombarded with responses, and driven out of the Room. I was deeply hurt last night and now I don't even want to go back to the place I have always been the most comfortable with on this entire site. And please don't tell me there is a Clean Room if I am offended by sexual talk in chat, I am a girl and I belong in the Gender Room, and I am very open about sex and fun and adult play... I just have my limits that I feel don't belong on this site or any other place in the world for that matter.

As I said I am not going to apologize for my rage today, I am sorry I am not my usual fun silly self but there is some filthy subhuman piece of garbage under a rock somewhere that is responsible for that, and it just makes me sick to think he was watching me on Cam and in the same Room with so many nice girls and ladies and fine men.

Well, I thought I might feel better after unloading this, but I don't. Feel worse actually, so why bother even posting it. Unless somehow it makes a difference in how we respond to these incidents as a group.

Have a nice weekend everyone. Say Hi to my friends when you see them, I missed all of their lovely company last night.


rm_jackie40503 69T
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3/18/2006 3:56 am


There are always going to be jerks and assholes on this site unfortunately. And I agree with your not apologizing, as you have nothing to apologize for. Since his profile has been pulled, it would appear that those in the chat room at the time did do something about what was said, which I applaud them for. Please don't let one sick fuck cause you to leave your many friends here, you would be greatly missed if you do. You have been a tremendous asset to many of us, and I for one would hate to lose such a close friend. If there is anything I can do to help, please feel free to email anytime.

Love ya,

tiffanyanne_gurl 47T
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3/20/2006 1:12 pm

Hi Jodie Babe,

Damn I wish I could give you a big hug, kiss and just hold you tight and close to me . . . and how I wish I was there the other night when that worthless slime did that, so that I could have verbally assualted him myself, and more importantly been right there to comfort you.

Jackie is 100% right, you have nothing to apologize for . . . and she is also right in saying that despite this sick pervert (and unfortunately the few others like him still out there) AdultFriendFinder and the GenderXchange community would be losing an incredible friend and asset. I KNOW that you and me would still stay in touch, so I'm not worried about that . . . its just that AdultFriendFinder needs, and I hope wants, to keep wonderful people like you around.

I'm so sorry you've had to deal with this type of shit - not once, but many times - and I hope that after your weekend that you have put that asshole out of your mind. He, no I mean the IT is not worth taking up any of your thoughts at all.

I so look forward to talking with you soon.

(tiff sends a big, soft, sensual virtual kiss to you )

luv ya babe!


rm_bobbie1nonly 68T

3/20/2006 5:32 pm

Jodie, my darling. You have always been a true friend and for this to happen to someone like you makes me sick too. If you ever leave, I will cancel my gold membership and leave with you. Love you Jodie

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