Tied to the Whipping Post  

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4/6/2006 8:42 am

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12/27/2006 1:36 pm

Tied to the Whipping Post

Hi Everyone !

No I have not 'crossed over' to the dark side with BDSM and all that, just listening to some old Allman Brothers this morning and that song is playing, so I used it for the Title of this blog.

Who loves watching the Simpsons? I do anyway... and a few weeks ago there was an episode where the whole family went to Africa. This native tribe is doing some ritual and playing this strange musik, and Marge says "This music is so bizarre and just goes on and on forever!", so Homer replies "Yeah, just like the Allman Brothers. "

I went crazy shopping this week, was just planning on new stockings, which I bought about a dozen pairs, but then I got a whole new Summer wardrobe practically. Three cute little white dresses, a pink one, baby blue, silver... I can't even count em all. More SHOES ! LOL, like I needed more shoes... I am going to have a garage sale soon, I am running out of closet space.

I wore some new white shoes on Cam the other night, just gorgeous... 2 1/2 inch platforms with 8 inch heels, and yup -- fell right on my ass before my third show was over! But I'll wear em again tonight with this adorable tiny white lace dress with little pearl buttons all the way up the front, see if I can stay on my feet this time !

Anyone ever pay attention to those little Mood tags on the Blogs? There are like a couple hundred moods to choose from, seems like there is always one kind of fits how I feel when I am writing in here... but today I just couldn't find the right one. So I went with 'anxious'... now I bet you are just dying to know why, right?

Well, I have a LOT of fun on here, meet some wonderful people all the time, have a ball stripping, chatting, in the Gender Room with all my friends. But, the dating part is never too spectacular, not a lot of selection around where I live. So I just accept that and I am pretty realistic, never expected to meet the right guy or even close. But, last night ... I think I finally did.

Had a date last night with a man who seemed just charming when we corresponded, really was looking forward to it. I was even pretty nervous, he's from Vermont and was driving over here to come and see me. Spent all afternoon on hair, makeup, eyes, nails, wanted to look good... really I wanted to look gorgeous to be honest about it.

Susan got on my Cam and helped me go through a bunch of outfits, finally went with a little black velvet skin tight mini-dress with silver and blue sequins, black VS lace top thigh-hi's, rhinestone choker, matching bracelet and earrings, gorgeous black patent leather 7" heels. She said when he saw me we would never make it out the door! Then I went to the Room and modeled for a few friends in there, got the same identical comment again, so I figured I was looking OK.

Anyway, it was a perfect date. I mean this guy was so nice, so good looking, so charming, so intelligent and interesting, so much fun to be with... so sexy ! I am just squirming in my chair thinking about the whole time we were together. But that's also why the Mood thing says 'anxious' this morning. If he doesn't call me or come back to see me again it's going to break my heart. Almost seems unfair when you meet someone that nice, because then you are just so scared they might not feel the same way about you. And I would go crazy if I didn't get to see this person again.

Every email I get this morning makes me just kinda all excited hoping it's from him. I just about jump out of my skin every time the phone rings ! He did call me when he got home last night, whatever time that was... I lost track of time but it was pretty late when he left. I haven't felt this way about anybody in a long time, not a guy anyway. So basically I am a nervous wreck now !!! LOL

Well I'll get on Cam in a little while and try to relax and chat with some friends. Nothing I can do but wait and see... right?

The other night Jackie asked me if I could find two special songs she wanted to hear, 'Season of the Witch' by Donovan and 'My Special Angel' by Bobby Helms. I got em both for her and did a little set, and when I finished she said she was crying, which I had no clue why. Today she explained it in her Blog, made me cry too when I read it. I know I've said this before but for those of you who haven't met Jackie yet or read her amazing stories, in my opinion she is the most exceptional person on this entire site. She posts a lot of comments on my stuff in here so you can find a link to her Profile and Blogs right on this page somewhere, you couldn't possibly meet a nicer person if you tried.

I gotta find something to do instead of checking my email every two minutes and staring at the phone waiting for it to ring! Maybe I've been wearing too many schoolgirl outfits lately, now I am even starting to act like one!

Funny when I don't care who is watching it seems like I always feel pretty good about myself, I think I look fairly nice most of the time. Last night I was so self-conscious, wondering all night if I looked OK, checking the mirror every 5 minutes. How silly, huh? I know, just shut up and strip Jodie, you are rambling again !!!!

Ok boys and girls... didn't mean to be so boring. Umm, wanna talk about sex? Page me, I feel like getting in a wild mood today.

Take care everyone, and to anyone who never thought they could meet someone just incredibly special on here believe me, he [or she] might be just around the corner from you, or just across the Lake ! Hope you find each other ...

Luv, Jodie

rm_jackie40503 70T
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4/6/2006 4:56 pm


My sweet sweet angel I have my fingers crossed for you. It is very special when you get that feeling about another, and yes it is pure hell waiting to hear from them. Just keep a positive attitude and be yourself and it will happen honey. I'll bet you looked amazing last night, wish I could have seen ya. I can relate to your looking in the mirror every 5 minutes waiting for your date to show up since I do the same.


PS: honey you've never been boring believe me.

ethicalsluts4u 55M/52F
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4/8/2006 11:32 pm


Your comments on why men like CDs and T gals is right on target. I would add though that even in the cases where ones wife loves anal, there is no competition between your tight ass and that of the natural "broad".


rm_cockmaster08 60M
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12/14/2006 10:10 pm

you have one hot sexy ass long lickable legs

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