Please Fuck me darling...  

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10/28/2005 8:24 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Please Fuck me darling...

Hi boys and gurls,

Sorry, the silly title has nothing to do with anything I feel like rambling on about today... just thought it might get your attention.

Anyway, as you may have noticed, Jodie's still here. I tried to leave... stayed away for a few days and missed everything terribly.

I missed the friends I have made on here mostly, I missed meeting all the new people every day, that was the part I found the hardest to leave behind. Missed the cam a lot too, the outfits, the stripping... I have turned into such a little slut on cam!

And after posting "Jodie's Last Waltz" a lot of people showed concern, asked me to stay, made me feel in some way they cared... I never expected that ! So many people on here have just been so incredibly nice to me, boy that is sure hard to walk away from... And thank you Joan, I was very moved by your letter.

Funny, of all the people I have met on this site, literally thousands, two people made a real different in keeping me here a while longer. And one I have never even met !!!! The first is Sarah, from Australia. We chat every morning, halfway around the world from each other, I just luv her. What an amazing person, lovely, intelligent, and without a doubt has made me feel like a true friend. I don't think I could have made it through some of my rough times lately without her support and caring. I could go on and on about her, but suffice it to say if you are ever fortunate enough to meet someone that nice on here, or anywhere, then you are indeed a very lucky person.

Curiously the other person, Jocelyn, I have never spoken to, chatted with, or known in any way other than reading her charming and fascinating blogs. So for some reason, I felt if there is someone that special and that nice on this site I have never met and would so love to know better, I better not leave.

Then there is this amazing Andy Warhol "15 minutes of Fame" thing going on, which I thought would last about a day and yet for 10 days your little slut Jodie continues to be the No. 1 gurl on this site... No idea why, but it is kinda fun. And even these blogs, I was stunned when I looked at the number of people who read this stuff, almost 3000 in the past 10 days... WOW.

However I am going to keep a little bit of a lower profile now. I spend WAY too much time on here and have to focus a little more on the other important things in my life. Which by the way are looking up, not ideal yet but there seems to be a little break in the clouds and a ray or two of sunshine peeking through.

Recently I have started a war in the Gender chat room, this is just too funny. I go in there looking for this new gurl who lives near me, her name is Jody too... is that cute or what? So I am dying to meet her, but I think I scared her away or something, oh well. Anyway, the gurls, most of them, are very friendly, bunch of guys in there being very complimentary, got to speak French with a few charming guys too... and then this bitch just gets SO rude with a guy, just cause he hit on her I guess. Raving on about what an asshole he is, why doesnt he read her profile before hitting on her... they call it "troll bashing". Well, Jodie got pissed ! I found it appalling, I mean specially in a chat room, so public, not like blowing a guy off on IM, this was right in front of everybody. I felt she was way out of line.

So I open my big mouth, and tell her nicely all of the above, kinda rough on the guy, they are really just nice guys who might come off as a little crude sometimes, but it's still kind of flattering... I try never to be rude to anyone, and I know I get 1000s of those guys for every one she has ever had...

Well she lays in to me, I'm just a CD, I'm not on hormones, I don't understand anything about being a woman, I am just a boy in girl's clothing... really attacking me. So I look at her profile, assuming I am going to read about all these gender issues, see what a fucked up cunt she is. OMG, photo looks like Charlton Heston in a Wall-mart dress, profile is sexist, feminist, fucked up gender bullshit... just what I expected. So I let her have it, told her "Honey, anyone ever checks your profile trust me, they arent going to hit on you. You look like a fucking dog, even for a drag queen."
I loved it, told all the little boys in there Jodie was going to go strip now to blow off steam and they all followed me right out of there to leave the horrible dyke drag queens gloating about their "troll bashing".

I even went back the next day to fuck with her and all her stupid friends some more... what a pathetic place, they sit in that chat room and criticize everybody and encourage each other by hating every one else except their little fucked up group. I'm gonna go back soon, but I am going to bring a LOT of friends. West Side Story gang war... show them what a bunch of pathetic losers they are. Fuck em anyway, they are missing all the real fun on this site and don't even know it.

Well my handsome friend from Montreal, there will be a quiz next time we chat, so hope you paid attention to something I said in here, anything, just let me know you read it. And all you wonderful guys and lovely gurls, let's keep having fun. Sometimes I would rather have fun than have sex... just KIDDING, blonde moment I guess. Acutally what I really like is having fun having sex. You too...? must be a match made in heaven, we are perfect for each other. Lets meet real soon...

Yup, that's what's keeping me here, why Jodie couldn't stay away. All the wonderful people I have met here, and even moreso all the wonderful people I haven't met YET. Would be such a shame to miss out on that, even one of you, and I know there are many.

Have a lovely day... and Jodie's back, so watch out baby, I gotta feeling I am going to be wilder than ever !

Take care everyone. Your little slut, Jodie

rm_JocelynRenee 54T
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11/4/2005 12:24 pm

Jodie, I discovered your blog for the first time today, and was enjoying my read when I come upon my name. Wow! What an honor you bestowed upon me today; thank you. I'm so glad something I said made a small difference in your life. I'm looking forward to reading more from you in the future and perhaps chatting sometime as well.


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