My Best Wishes to all...  

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12/23/2005 7:57 am

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3/17/2006 9:48 am

My Best Wishes to all...

Hi Everyone...

I haven't been writing much in my Blogs lately and I really miss it. Just busy getting ready for the Holidays, like eveyone else I assume. And as usual I have nothing too important to say, but that certainly never stops me !

Well, new developments on here first. Um... what is new? Oh yeah, I had a new record on my Cam a week or so ago. My typical nights are 150 viewers, 350 is a big night... and then one night last week for some unexplained reason I got a huge crowd, 1580 viewers. Felt like a little porn star, it was really fun. Jessica was watching my counter with me, she thought it was pretty amazing too...

Also did a new show for my special friend YellowDuck, the Red, White 'n Blue USA show with a really cute stars 'n stripes thong and some great musik, really had fun with that. Decided it was favorite show, got a lot of nice comments.

Met my share of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly as usual. Judging from the number of really great people I seem to just keep meeting on here I must be the luckiest person on this site. I got some absolutely wonderful emails, some people go to so much trouble to let me know how they feel, really gets to me.

This is kind of personal, and probably really dumb, but I'll tell you anyway. Had a dream the night before last, kind of my wakeup call that I am spending WAY too much time on here ! LOL

But anyway it was this huge Awards show for this site, like a big hollywood thing for the Oscars or Grammys or something. And they had all these categories, Most Popular, Hottest Girl, etc. And I kept getting nominated, and I had all my friends from here around me, and every time there was a nomination they kept telling me I was sure to win. But it was always these other girls [real girls!] who were just gorgeous, runway model types, who kept winning everything.

Then they had Best Strip Show, Most Gorgeous Wardrobe, same thing... my friends all told me I was sure to win but still didnt. Finally it was over, and they were all real dissapointed, but I actually wasnt, kind of happy I was even nominated for all the stuff. And then they announced they had a special award, "Nicest Person on the Site", and they called me up and gave me a big award and it was pretty great.

End of dream... told you it was kinda dumb. Funny though, something about dreams and reality, for all the fun and stripping and guys I meet and dates and sex... the best part has definitely been making friends and meeting special people. I couldnt even begin to list all the names of everyone I have met and enjoyed, and consider to be my friends now. You know who you are, all of you I hope. And I tried to give a little something back when I could. I can only hope that on some of the occasions I was able to give back something close to the feelings I received.

OK, like Mary Poppins... some of my favorite things:

Favorite Show I did - The Red, White 'n Blue
Nicest comment after a show - "Pure Class"
Nicest Email I ever received - From Bonnie
Most interesting email - From Sierra
Favorite viewer on Cam - My YellowDuck
Favorite song on Cam - Clapton, Wonderful Tonight
Favorite girl in the Room - ToujourFemme
Nicest lady in the Room - lots, Sarah and Rebecca, Dawn, Moon, very long list !
Most gorgeous girl on AdultFriendFinder - Jessica
Most intersting Blog I read - Jocelyn's World
Most amusing man I met - TrouserTurmoil
Best Blog I wrote - Jodie's Last Waltz

Best Friend I made on here: YOU !

I am going to take a fairly long break for a while, my lover is flying in from Europe tonight and will be staying with me for a month, so no more Cam or IM until the end of January while she is here. I am really going to miss all this. A LOT !!!!

I will try to check my email when I can. Maybe get a chance to write a little in here every now and then. I dont think I have enough time today to write eveyone an email saying Goodbye, so I will just do it here.

To all my wonderful friends and special people I have met here, I hope you have a very wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, spend it with someone you care about, and be grateful for all the blessings in our lives. I am going to miss everyone, some I am going to miss a LOT, and you know who you are ! Thank you for being so nice to me here, making me feel so special and being there for me. It has been truly amazing and an experience I know I will never forget.

Now I better run along, want to strip a few more times before I have to leave. And I hate long goodbyes.

Take care everyone, and thank you once again for making this such a wonderful experience for me. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to all !!!!

Your friend, Jodie

rm_jackie40503 69T
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12/23/2005 2:01 pm


To someone who makes life so wonderful, and has my deepest respect, you stay away as long as your friend is there and have fun, we'll manage somehow -lol-.


rm_hoffline 75T
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12/30/2005 4:35 pm


Have you ever made it with a crossdresser? I would love to make it with you. I love to dress and have my woman dress in twin outfits, consisting of garterbelts, sheer nylons, bras, satin panties, and of course spike hi-heeled CFM pumps. I like to eat her clit and have her suck my cock. I lick her clit and finger her hole until she cums in my mouth, and I lick her pussy clean. Then I like to mount her from the rear and ease my cock into her hot hole. We then pump together and I cum all over her ass. Then she puts on her strap-on and commands me to get my ass in the air, because she is going is going to fuck my brains out. She pumps her latex cock deep into my ass, and then we collaspe into each others arms on the bed. God I love being both a man and a woman.

I would like to share this experience with you. You really make me hot in some of your poses. I have cum several times in my satin panties just looking at you, and reading your blogs. Happy New Year Jodie. I look forward to your next entry. You are bueatiful inside and out. I Love you!!!

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1/13/2006 11:40 am

Jodie, You are a fascinating woman who, I'd love to get to know. I have this burning desire to be reamed by a large man and can't seem
to know how. I don't know how to pick up a guy and I'd love your help with dressing up. I'd love to have my cherry popped while wearing
a sexy pair of thigh high boots(white of course)the first time. How do I know if a guy is picking me up. I'm a very secretive man and cannot join AdultFriendFinder on my credit card, any ideas, your friend

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