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5/20/2006 10:18 am

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Misguided Angel

Hi Everyone,

Just the title of a great Cowboy Junkies song I love that I am listening to now, played it for Derek last night. If I had to do my profile over I think that would be my new handle, Misguided Angel, I am certainly a little of both most of the time....

So I haven't written in quite a while and a lot of people actually told me they missed my Blogs, which surprised me a little. Really a pretty nice compliment, just feels good to think that some people are interested in more then my ass and my cute little skirts. But I do enjoy writing in my Blog a lot, whether there is ever something actually worth reading is another story though.

Old friend of mine named Kristy came over the other night to borrow some clothes... she is going to some TG function in Chicago, big get together. She went through my whole closet and left here with enough dresses and shoes to travel around the world.

She modeled everything for me which took quite a while, it was a lot of fun. Then she gave me an incredible blowjob, I thought I was pretty good but she is just amazing. It's so erotic to watch her cause she just loves to suck cock, it was great. And then she fucked me till we both came, wow did I ever need that. Great little garage sale, I can just picture me with 100's of hot little outfits in a garage sale, each price tag a sex act "Dress: blowjob", "Shoes: fuck my tight little ass"... we cracked up over that.

I got this gorgeous Silver sequin long jacket this week, not sure really what to call it. Long sleeves, no buttons or anything, open in the front, slit way up both sides... really cute. It's getting hard to find new things that are really different... but that got everyone's attention!

Been getting very attached to someone special lately, everyone already knows who I think because I talk about him a lot in the Gender Room. Ever meet someone that just has a natural way of always saying something nice that makes you feel so special every time, Derek certainly does. His letters are the best part of my day, first thing when I wake up I love to read them.

Good thing he likes watching me and I love stripping for him because the rest of my viewers seem to have gotten very bored with me I guess. I just never get big crowds any more, but sometimes that's OK too because it feels more intimate with a small group where I know everyone and it's more personal.

Anyway I have been on here for about 8 months now, 5 days a week... so figuring 10 shows a nite I have stripped a couple thousand times at least, I can see why the same old thing becomes less interesting after a while. Now it's more about the fashion anyway, I like to model new stuff all the time...

I got a Mexican virus on my computer the other day, but it was a manual one. It just posted a message that said "Delete all the files on your Hard drive and then email this to everyone you know".... Hope that wasn't too offensive to anyone, just a joke.

Had a strange conversation last night with a woman on Yahoo from around here who was watching my Cam and liked it, then she asked me if her daughter could watch !!! I asked how old her daughter was and she told me 13. Kinda freaked me out, closed that window in a hurry.

Jackie got that revolting pig Nufio BANNED from the site, the jerk who was harassing me so much. Pretty incredible when friends stick up for you and go out of their way to intervene like that. You know I really appreciate everything you do for me Jackie, you are just amazing! But everyone already knows that, specially if they read my stuff, right?

And not just Jackie but all the great friends I have met here, the girls in the Room [and the guys] were all very concerned and reported him and wrote me to tell me. And Vida your concern and caring was deeply appreciated, I adore you darling. Can't wait to thank you personally this summer in Chicago!

I also wanted to mention someone special, and also talk about the others like him that are so remarkable. Firefighter is someone I enjoy seeing in the Room, and the other night I asked him if we could talk in private for a while. I had an experience in a horrible fire a few years ago, and it bothered me so much I have never been able to get over it. So I asked him how men like him deal with the terrible things they go through every day as part of their job.

See a few winters ago I was in a bar in my hometown and an apartment building a few doors down caught on fire, everyone rushed out and there was a guy laying on the sidewalk all messed up, had jumped out a second story window. I was the first one there, asked him if there was still anyone in the building.... he said his baby was still in there. The Fire Department had not arrived yet, so I went up the stairs and tried to find the little baby and save her. And I couldn't do it... The whole fucking place was an inferno, flames all the way to the ceiling the heat and the smoke, it was like walking into a giant furnace. The fire department finally arrived and I got out of there, but the next day I read the baby had died. Apparently the guy's brother had gone back in a few minutes before me and he never came out. So I had very bad feelings that I just never could get over, about not be able to do something more then I did, Firefighter talked to me a long time and was so helpful. I guess my point is we do have a lot of heroes and very brave guys around us everywhere, we should appreciate what they do and think about what kind of people they are to take those risks and to live with those nightmares they must have.

Well I have the whole afternoon to myself now, kind of a dull grey day out. Don't feel like shopping... but I suppose I will anyway. I did find a gorgeous white leather dress I want, but it's in the UK. Hmmm, so is Derek... now there's an idea !

Be good everyone, stick up for your friends if you see someone giving them a hard time, it shows a lot of class and is very effective at making this site more pleasant for everyone. We're just here to have fun, right?

And click on my little Cam icon every now and then, make me feel like a star again ! LOL

You take care all my friends.

Luv, Jodie

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