Jodie... just shut up and strip!  

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11/2/2005 8:30 am

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Jodie... just shut up and strip!

Hi everyone,

I guess one great thing about being a dumb blonde, you can just start talking[or writing] even if you have nothing to say... people kinda expect that!

Well Jodie was VERY drunk last night... even by my standards ! Hope I didn't offend any one or say anything more idiotic than I normally do. Met some wonderful people... am I starting to sound like a broken record when I keep saying that? It's true though, never seems to let up. Kristeen, Chrissy, Sarah, Liz... and Papa, oh what a special man he is. And Jody, my new love... what an absolutely adorable little doll she is. More about Jody later, she deserves her own entire story.

I have been having a wonderful time every afternoon in the Gender chat room, I even apologized last night for being such a little bitch my first few times in there. The gurls are all just lovely, and some very nice guys too. But if you stop in there please try and mind you manners boys... even I find it a little offensive when you keep asking me to show my ass, just think how that makes the real ladies feel. Chat all you want, and if you have a personal request of an explicit nature just jump over and page me on IM to ask, OK? Seems like just common courtesy to me.

And then I met young Mr. Feris Bueler last nite.... we must have talked for an hour or more, I probably missed a couple hundred pages, forgot all about my cam and must have bored anyone watching to death. I'll try to crank it up a notch tonight to make up for it, I promise.

Anyway, I got into that scary little grey-zone you hardly ever let yourself get even close to... where you start feeling you are really getting to someone, and maybe you should back off because it feels so real, so important. Like you might actually be capable of really changing someone's life. Maybe I was just a little too drunk, imagining all that. Or maybe Mrs. Feris Bueler is going to have quite a surprise when she starts getting the attention she deserves from her young man. Who knows, I'll keep you posted if I ever hear back from him.

Oh how funny... listen to this! I just got 2 emails a minute ago, both from the same guy. First one says "Hi, can we meet?"... Second one, apparently sent right after that says "Sorry! it was a big mistake, i thought that u r a woman! bye " LOL. Could be worse darling, it was just an e-mail. Imagine if you had picked me up in a bar and brought me home with you !!!!!

I did have a guy watching me on cam the other nite, didn't have a clue apparently, until I dropped my panties to my ankles that is. Sent me an email, totally freaked out cause it shocked him so much. Is it just me or is there something about CD_JODIE2 that should have given him a hint... like the first two letters of my name!

Oh well, I have wasted enough of my time on here this morning, and I am certainly wasting yours as well. Stay tuned for news in a few days about Jodie and Jody getting together live on cam soon, I do believe it's going to be something you wouldn't want to miss. Did a little photo shoot yesterday with Jackie, probably should post a new Album, so if you are in my Network [isn't everybody?] take a look.

And if you ever meet young Mr. Feris Bueler, ask him about his little encounter with Jodie. I would be very curious to hear what he has to say about it.

Oh and before you ask, powder blue lace thong, little black dress, no stockings, silver heels. I look good even when I feel terrible, kind of amazing LOL! Now I think getting laid might help fix my hangover, time to get out my little black book...

Take care everyone... my work here is done for today!

Your little slut... Jodie.

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