Her Monolithic Majesty  

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6/22/2006 5:09 pm

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Her Monolithic Majesty

Hi Everyone,

I play this song by Charlie Daniels sometimes when I am on Cam, it's not really a song he calls it a recital, MY BEAUTIFUL AMERICA.

I got all the words by listening to it about 50 times, and it was worth it. I hope with all that is going on in our country, the war, young men dying for us everyday, The 4th of July coming up soon, that some of you will find this worth reading.

And also, not just because of this one song, but because of the way he loves our Country and is not afraid to show it, I want to commend Charlie Daniels an being a truly great American.


- By Charlie Daniels

Have you ever spent the late afternoon,

watching the purple shadows deepen in the Arizona desert,

or seen a herd of elk plow their way through waist deep snow,

on a cold Colorado dome?

Did you ever see the sun go down in Hawaii,

or see the stormy waves break over the rock bound coast of Maine?

Or have you ever seen an eagle fly up out of the mist in Alaska,

or a big October moon hangin' full over the still Dakota badlands?

Have you ever tasted the gumbo in New Orleans, the Barbecue in Carolina,

or the chicken wings in Buffalo?

Have you ever had brunswick stew in Macon or cornbread in Birmingham,

or briscuit slow cooked over Hill Country Mesquite wood?

Did you ever drink the water from a gurgling branch in Utah,

or stand on the mountain above El Paso del Norte and see the lights twinkling clear over in New Mexico?

Did you ever jingle horses in the pre-dawn stillness of a perfect Texas day,

and watch their shod hooves kicking up sparks on the volcanic rock?

Or tended a trot line on a foggy Carolina morning,

or heard the distant song of a lovesick whipporwill on a pristine Tennessee late night?

Have you seen the faces on Mount Rushmore, or stood at the Viet-Nam monument?

Have you ever crossed the mighty Mississipi, or been to the daddy of them all in Cheyenne, Wyoming?

Or seen the mighty Vols run out on the football field on a chilly autumn afternoon?

Did you ever see the Chicago skyline from Lake Shore Drive a night,

or the New England foliage in the Fall,

or the summer beauty of the Shenandoa Valley,

or Indiana covered with new snow?

Did you ever see a herd of wild horses running free across the empty spaces of Nevada,

or caught a Walleyed Pike out of a cold Wisconsin stream,

or marvelled at the Tall Ships docked in the harbor at Baltimore?

Did you ever see the early morning dew sparkling on the Bluegrass,

or the wind stir the wheat fields on a hot Kansas afternoon,

or driven the lonely stretches of old Route 66?

Have you ever heard the church bells peal their call to worship on an early Sunday
in some small town in the Deep South,

or passed through the Redwood forests as the sun was going down?

Have you ever been to Boise, or Baxley or Beaufort or Billings?

Have you ever passed through Sanford or Suffolk or San Angelo?

Have you ever seen the Falls at Niagra,

the Ice Palace in St. Paul,

or the Gateway to the West?

This then is America, the land God blesses with everything.

And no Eiffel Tower, no Taj Mahal, no Alps, no Andes,

no native hut nor royal palace can rival Her awesome beauty,

Her diverse population, Her Monolithic Majestic...

America the Free, America the Mighty, America the BEAUTIFUL.


Anybody wants to hear it with his voice, it is pretty moving, I'll play it anytime for anyone, or send you the mp3 if you want.

And I am getting ready for an ALL U.S.A, ALL NIGHT show on the 4th... got a ton of new outfits and a lot of special musik I have picked out, try and catch it if you can.

Hope you are all doing well, thanks for reading this one.

Love, Jodie

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
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6/22/2006 6:16 pm

Hi Jodie

I so enjoy and admire our mutual friend jackie's patriotic works and often have supported it alongside yourself there.

About time i came to see you at your place, as well ... and your blog is as i expected ... i was not disapointed.

This alone is a great post .. i will return to read more of your work.

I am not american, altho have lived there several years, but most impt., i / we admire your country and especially its' patriots.

rm_jackie40503 69T
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6/23/2006 2:28 pm

My Special Angel,

What suprised me the first time I heard this is that I've actually done most of them and much more across this great land of ours. There is so much beauty to see that one could spend a life time and never see it all.

One thing I find suprising about patriotic posts like this and the ones that I have done, is that they always receive few comments. I guess everyone feels they are not politically correct anymore.

You have a wonderful weekend and I'll see ya next week.

Love ya,

CD_Jodie2 52T  
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6/24/2006 12:30 am

Hi Jackie,

You know what, I think this need to be 'politically correct' has undermined our country more then terrorism in the last few decades.

And if feeling pride in what a great country America is has become politically incorrect now then You, and I, and LittleSquirt, and KYplowboy... and Charlie Daniels are all of guilty of that. To me, that is pretty good company

Take care my darling.


rm_jackie40503 69T
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6/24/2006 4:29 am


Talking about politically incorrect, just posted one that takes it to another level -lmao-

Take care my special angel,

ps: thank you for including me in such good company.

sexyshemale85 31M
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11/20/2006 12:53 pm

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