Happy Valentine's Day !  

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2/10/2006 7:19 am

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Happy Valentine's Day !

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all out shopping for some nice sexy stuff for someone special you love for Valentine's Day. And if anyone doesn't have a lover to buy gorgeous things for then I will volunteer, send me a hot little item and I will model for you on Cam !

Funny that doesn't happen much... not that I am asking for stuff, just thought it would be fun every now and then to have someone generous do a little on-line shopping with me for adorable outfits [and SHOES !] and then give them a nice little fashion show. I did have a good friend a while ago who told me straight out a great deal of his attraction to me was that I always wore stuff his girlfriend never would. I hear that a lot. Hell, I wear things a LOT of girls would never wear.... LOL

That part should be so easy in a relationship, the fun of buying little gifts and the thrill of seeing someone you care about wearing her new hot little outfits. Seems like a win-win situation to me... how come some women don't even know how to have fun and appreciate the nice things a man does for them?

Oh girls, specially the novices... this is a great time for shopping in stores. If you have been dying for some new lingerie but are too modest to shop without embarassement, now is the time. Half the male population of North Ameria will be buying panties and stockings and garters this weekend, no need to go in stealth mode !

Met a real hot young man this week from Western NY, we spent almost every night on-line together and he is coming up for a visit soon. Now here is the remarkable part, he sent me a photo of his girlfriend, an adorable girl... High School cheerleader, just an angel. And the other night he blew her off when she was dying to come over and see him, just to stay on Cam with me all evening. Honest ! Never thought I could compete with a real live Prom queen and come out ahead. I got mad at him though... kinda. Told him he better take care of her first and play with me when he had nothing better to do.

So who wants to be my Valentine? I bought a really hot little red velvet mini-dress, white thigh-hi's with little red hearts, silver glitter heels... sounds yummy huh? Need any help picking out something cute for your girl [or for me? LOL], just let me know and I would love to help. I am a world-class shopper, unfortunately with world-class bills too ! Gawd I spend way too much on clothes... just no will power I guess. Anyway I enjoy it, and it makes me happy, that's all that matters - right?

Well, slow day in Jodie-world... too early to play and too late to go back to bed. So here I am rambling on, and guess what... you're reading it. We should both get a life! LOL

Lucky for me I do have someone I adore with all my heart, think I'm going to get off my cute little ass and go buy her something awesome for V-day. Now that sounds like fun... and nothing for me. Well maybe a few new pairs of white lace panties, and I might just peek at some shoes. I need to marry a rich doctor!

Hope I see you all tonight, kind of miss some of my old friends I never hear from anymore. Send me a lovely email for Valentine's Day, I can assure you this is one person who will appreciate it.

Well, I'm half naked, black lace stockings and a gorgeous black see-through babydoll, maybe I might play on Cam for a while before I shop. Hmmm... strip on Cam then shop, go shopping then strip on Cam? Tough decisions for a dumb little blonde. Maybe I should go shopping in what I'm wearing now, that would shake things up a little at the Mall. Anyone have some bail money they can send me ?

Take care everyone, Happy Valentines Day, hope you share it with someone really special and let them know how you feel about them. Perfect day for it, right ?

BYE for now, love you all.


rm_bwc2004 37M

2/13/2006 10:20 am

i want that ass

mbobberss 48M

8/25/2008 6:06 am

Hello Jodie!
I was in touch with you quite a while ago, but got shipped out to work and we lost touch. I'd like to get together with you and share an afternoon or morning sometime. We are on each others yahoo instant messengers, I am adk_sailor. I also use that handle for email. I'd really like to hear from you and see what we can work out!
Sincerely, MIke

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