Happy Thanksgiving !!!!  

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11/22/2005 7:50 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!

Hi Everyone,

As the title says I hope you will all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoy spending the time with your family and those you love. Just forget about this silly sex site for day and focus on the truly important things you have to be thankful for.

As usual my life has been a delightful blend of chaos and fun lately. Spending a little less time on Cam while I take care of some other things I have been neglecting. Still meeting lots of great new people and making new friends on here.

Couple new weirdos on IM deserve honorable mention. First guy, week or so ago, pages me to tell me "I am sick". So I am thinking, I just like looking cute in panties, having fun on cam, being nice to people, and this creep is on here watching gurls like me and making mean remarks. Duh... which one of us is sick?

Then another one, honest... pages me TWICE to tell me I need to go to confession. Now this creep is leering at naked girls on a sex site, and is such a self-righteous asshole he wants to tell me what to do. Maybe HE goes to confession to meet little boys ! Might have just been a dating tip ! LOL

Once and for all, I am just on here to have fun. I love clothes, lingerie, and SHOES! I like being nice to people, modeling, love the compliments, and yeah... always enjoy stripping on cam. So the only possible reason these creeps could have in being cruel to someone is trying to show me first hand what pathetic losers they are... kinda sad.

Fortunately, I don't believe the old 'one bad apple' adage. To me, even with a few rotten apples that make me sick, an orchard full of beautiful trees with shiny apples, pretty blossoms, little honey bees buzzing around, is still a very wonderful place. And that's how I feel about being on here, I come here to relax, to enjoy myself, to meet some truly nice people, and I just love it.

And I may be delusional, you know the blonde thing... but sometimes it's nice to think I might even make someone feel good on occasion with my clothes still ON. Talked to a great friend from Melbourne for over an hour last week, going through a very rough time with his ex-wife, missing his son terribly. I imagine a lot of people on here going through that very same tragedy at this very moment... kind of felt maybe it helped him out to have a friend half-way around the world who cared about him, even if was only me.

Funny, thought I had heard just about everything till the other day. You know I must have talked to at least 5000 people on here in the last few months... so the other night I had on a cute little black leather mini-skirt, gorgeous see-through sheer white top, white stockings and great heels, I actually did look pretty cute. And this nice man on IM asks me please NOT to take my clothes off... said I looked too adorable in that outfit. Wow, doubt if I'll ever hear that again but is sure made me feel kind of special.

So later that night, when I did strip, I played Sarah McLauchlan, "Arms of the Angels". My favorite song, just beautiful, extremely moving. Had my handsome Irish Tenor from Athlone on IM, when I finished he tells me he knows Sarah very well, sings with her all the time... even invited me to Ireland to meet her, have her sing that song just for me. Amazing what a small world we live in. I am thinking of going in January, just to finally meet both of them.

I was reading my friend Jocelyn's latest Blog, check over on the right side of this page for a link, I just love reading her stuff. She wrote an excellent article on Society and Gender issues... got me thinking how lucky I am. I just do this to have fun, love the clothes and the boys, really none of that affects me. I know it's very serious to many other girls, I think we should respect that, just because I am here to play doesnt mean we all are.

Oh the confession thing reminds me of a cute joke. This old, old man goes to confession and starts telling how he had two 19 year old college girls together the other night, how many times he fucked them, stayed hard all night, did each one three times ... very explicit detail. The priest stops him, says enough... and then asks him when was the last time he went to confession.

Old man answers "Never." Priest asks why, old man answers "Because I am Jewish". The priest is puzzled and asks "Then why are you telling me all this?" Old man answers: "Vat, are you kidding ! .... I am telling EVERYBODY !"

Well I got tons of gorgeous new things to wear last week, can't wait to model everything. And girls, I know you all get a lot of the same ugly abuse every now and then that I do, just try to think of all the truly nice guys you have met on here, more than makes up for it, right? And guys, every now and then, when your 'other' brain takes over the keyboard and you are about to tell some pretty girl "Nice Ass", which she has already heard 14 gazillion times, why not take a second and say something sincere and thougthful. Not necesarily to me, but to someone who really deserves it. Never know how special it might make them feel... might even make you feel pretty good too.

Now I have to jump in the shower and get ready for another fun-filled day just being cute little adorable me. Once again I hope you all have a truly great Thanksgiving. Remember, no sex sites... this kind of stuff should be pretty far down on the list of what you have to be thankful for. Spend some time with someone special who really cares about you, even if you just wind up falling asleep together on the couch watching football.

Take care everyone. Luv, Jodie

PS: Jessica I still adore you.

sassybelle21 32F
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11/22/2005 9:06 am

just wanna wish you happy turkey day in advance

hornydenverite 50
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11/22/2005 10:34 am

I agree, most people are just self egotist. What they belive, is the truth, and every one should live by their belifs. Unfortunetly, they are missing REAL life, learning and a lot of fun. The reson why they are sssooooo rude is because, they are scared of what is different from them. It (whatever it may be) doesn't fit into their limited little minds. So before they give something a chance, (because they might find they will like it) they will try to ruin the situation, before it becomse a threat to them!!! Gratefully, in the Thanksgiving spirit, those kinds of people are few. I really belive most people are wonderful and really want to be nice if givin' the chance. P.S. You do have a cute ass. Happy Turky Day!

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