Another day, a different pair of panties...  

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10/10/2005 8:14 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another day, a different pair of panties...

Oh my you guys are just so nice... I never even thought anyone would read these blogs, and last nite everyone was so sweet... I got so many guys asking what I was wearing I couldn't believe it. Thank you so much... I just loved it!!!

Just for the record it's morning and I am having my coffee, wearing only adorable black and gold lace boy-short panties and a black silk robe, cute leather sandals. But I'll bet some of you wouldn't mind waking up to seeing that...

All of the men [and the gurls too!!] have been so nice and so much fun to talk to. I may be a little slut but I still enjoy men that are polite and courteous. Wouldn't mind if more of you told me your name when we IM, then I wouldn't always have to ask...

Seems like I am getting quite a little fan club on here and that is VERY flattering. And there are a few special guys, you know who you are, that have made is such a pleasure.

I love men, I love cocks, I love guys looking at my ass, cumming for me. And I love all the gentlemen to, specially from Australia!
So I guess we should keep this up, I think we can have a lot more fun, and I will try to meet as many of you as I can, just to do whatever YOU want.

Sometimes I have so many pages at once I have to Ignore or Decline, please don't take that personally, I am not trying to be rude... but the IM on here crashes if you open too many windows and then I lose everybody. Be patient and we will definitely get to talk as often as you like.

Take care guys, wish I could have all of you at once. I have fantasies too you know...

Your little slut... Jodie

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