Will Wonders Never Cease  

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9/20/2005 8:17 am

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Will Wonders Never Cease

Ok I guess it's finally my turn to do a post. But a good post i think it shall be. Yesterday wasn't too bad except how damn bright the sun was. Spent almost 8 1/2 hours out under it @ work doing what the guys call "hazing work" due to the Operations Manager's tempermant. It wasn't bad work, and i could take a break whenever i wanted, but still "shit work". Mowing, trimming, wash trucks, normal crap work. Anyways, i had talked with the dispatcher for the night and agreed that if he was able to would call me in for any "orders" that came up.

So what happens, @ about 1:30am, I get called of course. YAY, extra money on the paycheck. And since i got there quick enough, i actually got to pull off 2 job orders instead of one so i made double the money in 2 hours. Which means i got home @ about 4am. Nina was still up in a little bit of pain with her hip though. So no biggie. I went n got myself a shower and she slips in, and tells me she took a med finally. SO she starts in on rubbing me down while i lounge under the cool spray head. AFter bout 15-20 minutes finally decide its time to go lay down.

As soon as we lay down, she wants to slip into a 69. Now since this doesn't happen often, i was quite willing for it. And so, we goto town on one another enthusiasticly. After rolling around on the bed in various 69 ways i finally get "royal" treatment. And so, i get a good hour long blow job. A wonderful first for nina since she normally has lockjaw trouble. And another wonderful 1st for us both. I finally "pop" during a blowjob. And its her 1st to actually swallow. So blissful sleep soon enacts itself on us for a bit.

Later gators

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