We got a REDHEAD!!!!!! >:)  

CCcouple25m27f 36M/36F  
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9/17/2005 1:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

We got a REDHEAD!!!!!! >:)

(Here is a sexy Redheaded devil for ya!)

Hey there blogland folks!

In case yall have never seen me post it, I really have a thing about redheads! While I now at least consider blondes and play with blondes where I previously did not, my eternal turn on will always be a red headed woman. I think all women have beauty within and without, but Redheads for me are the insta-fuck starter! Tonight we spontaneously hooked up with a couple we had met a few nights ago. The chemistry was right, so we decided to go for it and see what becomes of our late night booty/social call.

Things started with a massage Justin got down and licked at her pussy for what seemed an eternity... (sorry I was busy getting fucked, I didnt notice the time speeding by until it was over and then we said "2:45a.m.?DAMN!!!!" Rich licked at me a bit, but he really just wanted to fuck (that kinda sucked) but he pounded me to a decent cum in that first round, then I got to play with Blaze. {woohoo!!!} She was fun to play with, and between licking and fingering I got all 4 fingers into her (talk about getting a helping hand?) She seemed to enjoy my attentions, but shortly was ready to be fucked royally. Justin wrapped up (a requirement) and started pounding her from behind while she licked at my pussy.
I'm so proud of Justin, he fucked her and fucked her. He lasted so long, she calls him the Energizer Bunny now
All I can say is "Hot Damn I married a guy who fucks like the best bunny in the biz... He keeps goin n goin n goin.... !!!" ~LOL~
Rich tried to get things started with me again, but for some reason couldnt keep it up... oh well I got one round in with him.
Now I gotta go, Justin said he would make it up to me! (Prolly find me walking funny later!!!)

Yall have fun, and enjoy!


niceguyinlrd 67M/65F

9/18/2005 11:44 am

Nina is a Hottie and Justin is a great guy and fun to chat with...Some day I hope to meet them both in person!!I love the writings and will be back for more!!! Terry

drnick20054 28M

9/18/2005 4:05 pm

Nina u always get the short end of the stick

CCcouple25m27f 36M/36F  
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9/19/2005 12:29 am

nick - no hon not always... actually I'm fixin to blog about the party the party from last night- ya gonna love it!


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