Typings from an Exhausted Mind  

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8/5/2005 6:13 am

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Typings from an Exhausted Mind

(Dug this one out- thought you might like its subtle sex appeal)

Mornin Folks-

As usual I got off work late, the boss lady seems to like to run almost half an hour late, then I have to explain what was done to her before I can go. *sigh*

So now I sit here just typing a note to say I ghave not forgotten you all! I am half stripped from my uniform - trying to feel somewhat human again.

Cowboy and I may lose the net connection for a few days- cable net needs to be paid, but gotta wait until next Friday! So far we still have access to the net if not our Cable based email account.

Sometimes I hate having to live paycheck to paycheck! (Ususally all the time!)
So if we disappear for a few days- dont worry we will return.

I think I am gonna go jump Cowboy- I could use some sweet lovin!


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